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Neil Diamond Rainy Day Song Lyrics

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Written by: Neil Diamond

Can you hear my rainy day song
Calling from the street below
Baby, since I've been without you
Well, it's the only song I know

And I keep hearing rainy day songs
Tapping on my window sill
Some that soon won't be forgotten
Some that probably never will

Say, I know you never did believe in rainbows
But hey, you know the sun is somehow gonna shine
And babe, we only have to look and we can find it
If we want to, if we need to

It's just another rainy day song
Way beneath the sorry sky
And when I try to understand it
I only end up asking why

But still I hear those rainy day songs
Calling out to me and you
I only hope that you can hear them
'Cause rainy days are made for two

Say, you know there's always gonna be a rainbow
And hey, you know that sun is always gonna shine
Come on babe, we only have to look and we can find it
If we want to, if we need to

Can you hear that rainy day song
It's such a lost and lonely sound
But baby when I have you near me
Rainy days can't get me down

Babe, I need to have you near me
Cause rainy days, they get me down

Babe, I got to have you near me
So rainy days won't come around

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I dunno what I'm doing here, other than looking for this song | Reviewer: Kimo | 1/4/2005

I am simply looking for this song in Karaoke form, it seems I've come to the wrong place, as I've never been here before...

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