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Jamie Foxx Rainman Lyrics

Last updated: 12/21/2009 10:00:00 AM

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Rainman, rainman... rainman, rainman
Ca call me ca call me rainman, rainman

There's no need for me to lay out my clothes,
When she's not around there's nowhere to go,
Make no attempts getting up out of this bed,
I wanna open my eyes but I just close the curtain instead,
Her thunder storms shuts my lights off oh,
I got no missed calls maybe by tomorrow 'cause right now I can't just catch a break

Everyday it rains when she ain't laying right here I can feel the coolness in the air I know my chances ain't far
Everyday it rains would it be just my window seal sound reaches my ear go then it reappears
Everyday it rains my heart starts drowning my vision gets cloudy the flood moves around me
Everyday it rains no sign of the light as the time goes by 40 days and 40 nights

Just when I thought I gotten rid of you,
I turn my face to your pillow that's soaked in your perfume,
The water's raging no life vest and I can't swim through through no,
My heart, my mind, and my soul it's lost somewhere in this deep
Not sure, her thunder storms shut my lights off oh,
I got no missed calls maybe by tomorrow 'cause right now I can't get a break


Baby cut my lights (cut my lights)
Back on (back on baby)
Take me I'm ours (take me I'm yours)
Cut my lights back on
Release me (release me from the sea of love)
Oh uhh oh rainman, rainman, rainman

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