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Right after the split-up of Elf, four members of Elf and
ex-Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore formed band
called Rainbow. The name supposedly came from the Rainbow
bar located in Los Angeles, where Elf and Ritchie Blackmore
used to spend their free time.

This band is also known as Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, as
it appears under that name on their first album, but that
name was used only to get people to notice the band.
Generally, everyone except Blackmore himself felt bad about
the name, so on the later albums the band was More...

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Review about Rainbow songs
superb hard-rock type ballad | Reviewer: ratfink
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Rainbow

rainbow is an absolute study in late 70's hard rock. crimminally underrated by a million miles.always great musicians.genius guitar player since pre-purple days right up to the present.early 70's ritchie blackmore was already miles ahead of the pack.it was always about the song which is testimony to the talent and ideas that were developed at the time.fender strat and marshall amp continuing hendrix's legacy.study it all from a time that will probably never be surpassed or ever forgotten.

Lyrics by who?? | Reviewer: DMA
    ------ About the song Kill The King performed by Rainbow

Sorry, but the credit says Dave Mustaine is the songwriter, don't think so. I think Megadeth has a song call Kill the King as well but he certainly did not write this one. This is one of my favourite metal songs of all time, and I agree with Scot that Rainbow was an awesome band and Blackmore is easily one of the greatest guitarist ever, lots of guys owe one to him for some of the shit he pioneered. Also agree that the lineup he listed was probably the best one Rainbow had. As for the debate on the best bassist, my vote is for Steve Harris and Geezer Butler, I have a hard time deciding between the two.

Chorus | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wolf To The Moon performed by Rainbow

The chorus should be...Wolf On The Run, Slave To The Highway..not One for the road.
Meaning he's on the run and keeps going on the highway.

Apart from lyric error..it's a great song..even better Live!

Not about pyramids. | Reviewer: Shigenji
    ------ About the song Stargazer performed by Rainbow

No your wrong, it's not just a story about the frickin pyramids. Sure it kinda matches, but that's irrelevant. It's deeper, it's about people being sheep to a ruler. Kinda like the people of germany to hitler. They were brainwashed and believed, and then sought to bring him the world.

Even tho he didnt whip his people, but technology changes.
Like usa today is brainwashed by the media. Then they elect people who will go to war for nothing.

The likeness to pyramids stuff your seeing, is just a cool setting for an epic song.

Possibly the best Rainbow song | Reviewer: Flash
    ------ About the song Can't Let You Go performed by Rainbow

Listened to Rainbow in the 70s, 80s, 90s, yeah and the last 12 years. I always thought they were underrated and loved Dio and Joe Lynn Turner. This song was always my favorite although they had a bunch of kick-ass songs.

    ------ About the song Stargazer performed by Rainbow

Correct!This song really IS about a pyramid!!If you examine every lyric you'll see that it matches to a pyramid building situation.There are many spots where you can understand that("I'd sell my soul for WATER","in the HEAT and rain","there is blood on the SAND",etc.etc.)
It is very obvious that the tower of stone IS the pyramid!And finally i searched on google about pyramids and it was telling that ancient Egyptians BELIEVED that the pyramid could launch the pharaoh's (the wizard's) soul to a specific star(I don't remember it's name now),an action that would make the pharaoh immortal!
Also the pyramids(most of them) were about 140m tall and needed alot of years to be completed("nine years with a break in my back").So the slaves were completely exhausted and tortured("with whips and chains") and many of them were dying.
I also believe that DIO who is representing one of pharaoh's slaves in this song is extremely mad when he says, near the end after pharaoh's death, "where was your star,was it far?,was it far? because he understands that all this torment was for nothing and he also sings it differntly than before with an ironic and simultaneously angry pace!
And thats all!My desription matches perfectly to the lyrics.


august 2006 | Reviewer: jenny
    ------ About the song Temple of the King performed by Rainbow

my fiance bought this cd a couple months before he was killed on his motorcycle. That summer i had two little red foxes that took up residence on my little 3 acre farm and i was delighted and so was he. I got his music collection and put this disk in, never hearing it before, and the song struck a chord right into my soul with the whole "year of the fox" and that he had passed and this was the sequential order of him knowing that he had passed from this life and my finding the music was his gift to me of comfort in song, since he knew i always sought refuge in music.

Stop trying to look further! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stargazer performed by Rainbow

Guys, whether it is or is not about all the opinions here, stop trying to look for so many hidden meanings when there is a story hitting you straight in the face. It IS about the slaves building the pyramid (tower of stone) for the pharaoh. The star is the star that the tomb in the pyramid is directed to. Etc., etc. it's all about that. It's a brilliant song though, RJD is a pure master! BTW this song reminds me of Creeping Death by Metallica - similar story.

Stargazer | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Stargazer performed by Rainbow

I think too much might be being made here of the "deeper meaning" associated with the lyrics. Whether or not any of the opinions are correct, I think the story told within should be taken at face value and we should all celebrate the fact that RJD/RB were so talented to craft this incredible, iconic song. I've listened to it since it came out in '75 and it still has the power to move me every time. One of my favourite songs EVER.

Quick note : James LaBrie, your vocals on the DT cover destroyed it. Sitck to your screamo stuff and don't attempt to sing songs you can't do justice to.

Simple | Reviewer: Sally
    ------ About the song Stargazer performed by Rainbow

I can't believe none of the dolts on this page even came close to what this song is about. Rainbow fans must be pretty dim. The song is about the Hebrew slaves in Egypt building the pyramids. The "wizard" is the pharaoh. This is of course pre-Moses and Dio sings from the point of the view of the slaves. They never lost their faith in God.

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