Rainbirds Albums

  • Forever Album (2/1/1997)
    Time Comes Round To Pass
    No Amends
    Don`t Cry A River For Me (Be Cool)
    Shoot From The Hip
    Please Don't Make Me Happy
    On Tv Forever
    Your Aching Heart
    One Sad Boy
    Now And Then
    Everywhere Is Resurrection

  • Making Memory Album (2/1/1996)
    With A Smile
    Absolutely Free
    I Am Cold And I Am Not
    Give Me A Kiss
    In A Long Time
    Education Of The Soul
    Oblivion Seekers/Here To Go
    Johnny Guitar
    Never Gone
    Nothing Cancels Love

  • In A Different Light Album (2/1/1993)
    Sleep With Snakes
    Pebbles In My Hand
    Devils Dance
    Ain`t It Strange
    Pessoa 1934
    Jamais Jamais
    A Waltz For Jane
    In Heaven
    Someone Sometime
    Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien

  • Two Faces Album (2/1/1991)
    Two Face (El Mirage Desert Version)
    Ha! Ha! Houdini's Laughing
    The World Is Growing Old
    Head Over Heals
    Big Fat Cat
    Mystery Train
    Woman With The Golden Eye
    Things Change

  • Call Me Easy... Album (2/1/1989)
  • Rainbirds Album (2/1/1987)

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