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Rainbirds Biography

Last updated: 02/08/2001 03:47:51 AM

The Band

On this page I have included a brief presentation of the band (the present set up) and historical look how the band has developed over the years.

Katharina Frank
Vocals and guitar.

Katharina Franck was born in D黶seldorf in July of 1963 and her first 14 years she was living in Portugal and Brazil. She started to sing in 1968, but she want become an actress around 1973. The year after she starts to write her first songs in English and has her first live performance in front a crowd in 1977. She moves back to Germany in 1981 to become a pop star. In 1986 Katharina Franck forms Rainbirds and in 1987 they has a breakthrough with 'Blueprint' that reach the #1 in Germany. She is the only member left from the original set up on the first album. She is the driving force behind the band. Last year she did release a solo album (check out Sans Soleil) called "Hunger".

Ulrike Haage
Keyboards,Piano and soundscapes

She did join the band on the third album (Two faces) and since then been a member. She also has done some solo project (check out Sans Soleil) for more information.

Tom Lorenz
Drums, perussion and vocals
He did join the band on their 5th album "Making memory".


Rainbirds have released six albums so far (plus a best of collection). On the first album the band included Katharina Franck, Beckman and Wolfgang Glum. On the second album Rodrigo Gonzalez joined the band. On the third album there were a major change, now the band only included Katharina Franck from the two first albums and Ulrike Haage had joined the band. This line up continued on the fourth album. On the 5th and 6th album the band also included Tim Lorenz on drums.

The single "Blueprint" was a big hit in 1988 and reached the #1 in the single chart in Germany. Other singles from the first album were "Boy on the Beach" that also got in to the chart. The second album "Call me easy?/I>" were the songs "Not exactly" and "Sea of time" was released and both entered the chart. The third single "Love is a better word" from "Call me easy..." was released after the band had split up and in video for the song only featured Ulrike and Katharina. After the spit up of the band there was not any interest from the media. With the two last albums the interest is growing and with the Forever tour this year that was a success the media is starting to notice the band again.

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