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Imbroco Rain That Falls Won't Slow Me Down Lyrics

Last updated: 07/01/2003 04:25:28 AM

truly my father's son.
truly faithful to no one.
mistakes made effortless.
temptation is a force like gravity holding onto me.
the rain that falls wont slow me down.
held my head so high i may drown.
retracing my steps back up speedway.
retracing the lines run down your face.
forgiveness please. forgive me.
i can see from the scars on our shoes we haven't fallen far from our roots.
i'd have wings if i was meant to fly.
driving and screaming while i cry.
it's not good enough.
sounds so shallow.
repeated and echoed.
every repetition losing your attention.
i would so quickly now give up what i wouldn't then.