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Tom Cochrane Ragged Ass Road Lyrics

Last updated: 06/22/2004 08:53:57 PM

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Moving out, can you see that shine
Feel the change as you roll on down the line
Where the shore fires burn out on a new frontier
Where the past don't haunt you and there's
Nothing else to fear

Baby don't you hold out too long
they might not let you be

Movin' out feel the wind in your hair
Where the sun shines at night, I can take you there
To the land of the midnight sun,
Ragged Ass Road

I carried you, you carried me
Nothin' we can't hold, nothing we can't be
They've taken everything and what have they put back
I really don't give a damn 'cause there's nothin here that we lack

Baby don't you hold out too long
They might not set you free


They might not want to let you see
They can't hold on, as your soul might not let you be,
Stand back while it burns
for the midnight sun Ragged Ass Road

All the time, again and again
Standin' out where you might see them shine
Oh did you find the midnight sun
Down on Ragged Ass Road

Are you out there everybody out there with me
Shout it out, shout it out there, one more time
to the land of the midnight sun
Ragged Ass Road

She's a dandy, yeah you bet
There's some things that you haven't seen yet
In the land of the midnight sun
Ragged Ass Road

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