Rage Against The Machine Albums

  • Renegades Album (12/5/2000)
    Microphone Fiend
    Pistol Grip Pump
    Kick Out The Jams
    Renegades Of Funk
    Beautiful World
    I'm Housin
    In My Eyes
    How I Could Just Kill A Man
    The Ghost Of Tom Joad
    Down On The Street
    Street Fighting Man
    Maggie's Farm

  • Battle Of Los Angeles Album (11/2/1999)
    Guerilla Radio
    Calm Like A Bomb
    Mic Check
    Sleep Now In The Fire
    Born Of A Broken Man
    Born As Ghosts
    Voice Of The Voiceless
    New Millenium Homes
    Ashes In The Fall
    War Within A Breath

  • Live & Rare Album (1/19/1999)
    Blacksteel: In the Hour Of Chaos
    Bullet In The Head
    Clear The Lane
    Fuck tha Police
    Hadda Been Playing On The Jukebox
    Settle For Nothing
    Take The Power Back
    Without A Face
    Zapata's Blood

  • Evil Empire Album (4/1/1996)
    People Of The Sun
    Bulls On Parade
    Tire Me
    Down Rodeo
    Without A Face
    Wind Below
    Roll Right
    Year Of Tha Boomerang

  • Rage Against The Machine Album (11/3/1992)

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    Rage Rocks | Reviewer: Fluffs
        ------ About the album Evil Empire performed by Rage Against The Machine

    Evil Empire is the most creative album i have ever heard. Tom Morello who plays guitar is a absolute genius with the way he blends sounds together, while at the same time keeping Rages heavy riffs, and driving beats prominent. Also zach de la Rocha experiments around with vocals much more, using a doubled voiced effect on songs such as revolver. The messages that Zach pulls together are able to give the listener a very real and graphic view of whats going on in our world. I absolutely love this cd, and it is no doubt a favorite in my cd collection.

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