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FORMED: 1989, Oxford, England

Radiohead is widely regarded as one of the world's most
important bands of today. While their debut was rather
modest, they were shot to stardom after the success of "OK
Computer" - a success that few probably would have expected
or predicted when the five of them started playing together
in the early 80s after meeting at Abingdon School in
Thom Yorke was the driving force of the band. He was
singing in the punk band TNT, but asked the TNT bass
player, Colin Greenwood, if he wanted to join him More...

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Review about Radiohead songs
Re: hum | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The National Anthem performed by Radiohead

I agree with hum. In fairness, I heard it as "everyone is so clear," but the point stands. This is about individualism and, frankly emoism. It has nothing to do with American republicans. Thom Yorke does not give a shit about you. In my opinion, the song is about the impact/perception of the world around us.

awesome | Reviewer: radhead
    ------ About the song Climbing Up The Walls performed by Radiohead

Lyrics are always yoopen to interpretation. I suffer from severe anxiety/panic disorder. To me this song is like that part of my brain speaking to me. Its really intense. Its so bad ive contimplated suicide. "even in the end ill be there". Strangley how my outlook on the lyrics may seem low. It helps a lot. Like it calms that part of my brain.

hum... | Reviewer: alexey
    ------ About the song The National Anthem performed by Radiohead

imo is just a song explaining the social anxiety we humans express when we stay too close lol is that simple i guess is about social anxiety. its something we all eventually have to overcome no?just a thought

numb | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song How To Disappear Completely performed by Radiohead

When I first heard this song I was just in a sort of trance. This song is exactly how I've felt for months. Like; you're feeling numb. Your body is there but you are not. You could sit for hours just staring and you'd feel like barely a minute had passed. Numb to the world. To everything around you. Just so you won't feel the pain. The world around you is just a blur as the days go on and on. But you're not there. Not really. The lyrics describes that to me. But, specifically.. The music. Music is feelings. This song represents the numb feeling to me.

Creep | Reviewer: Boudet J.
    ------ About the song Creep performed by Radiohead

Please listen carefully to the words
The song is about a man whom has fallen for a dancer in a strip club

When you where here before "He went back to see her again"
Could'nt look you in the eyes "he was embarest to be there"
your just like an angel "he fell for her"
your skin makes me cry "young and beautiful"
you fall like a feather in a beautiful whirl "strip pole act"
you think your special "striper demands your attention"
your so very special "she gets it from you"
But im a creep im a weirdo what hell am I doing here "when you go to a strip club do you not feel out of place to watch a half naked woman or naked, asking for your dollar,
the rest I think you can figuer out.
listen to the words on Main Street by Seager
Although he was more straight out

    ------ About the song Nude performed by Radiohead

my interpretation is that he sings about finding love but not being loved back.

"Don't get any big ideas
They're not gonna' happen"

words of despair about wanting something that didn't happened

"You paint yourself white
And fill up with noise
There'll be something missing"

you try to forget, start fresh and filling yourself with other stuff but something is still missing.

"Now that you've found it, it's gone
Now that you feel it, you don't
You've gone off the rails"

you feel love but it's gone cause you're not loved back and it's driving you crazy.

"You go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking!"

love eventually turns to anger and hatred towards that other person and you find yourself thinking bad things about him.

Comment on original commentator | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Surprises performed by Radiohead

I like this song and think it is about being ground down by the nature of work and life in a context where economy means more than society. The person who posted the original comment would do well to learn a little more about suicide and its psychology and hopefully develop a little more sensitivity. A bit of brushing up on grammar and spelling wouldn't go astray either.

Peace | Reviewer: susan struck
    ------ About the song Creep performed by Radiohead

The Creep lyrics are touching and, the idea that someone can make another feel so unexclusive is amazing. Creep is one of my self respected songs of time. Peace

Person of Interest (S3E23 season final) | Reviewer: Person of Interest
    ------ About the song Exit Music (For A Film) performed by Radiohead

i heard this song end of person of interest (s3e23-final) generally, they didn't stop progress of Samaritan, they watched destroying their system losses their power, then prepared for new beginning from zero. but there is a only thing remain, HOPE...

Late | Reviewer: Brennen
    ------ About the song Go To Sleep performed by Radiohead

The rag and bone man? Someone who requires a sacrifice, (son or daughter), probably a religious figurehead. Every reference to sleep is alluding to death. The monster is the person in power, the loony is the little man, who as we all know, never wins

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