Radiohead Albums

  • B-Sides & Other Songs Album
    A Reminder
    Banana Co.
    Bishop's Robes
    Coke Babies
    Faithless, The Wonder Boy
    How Can You Be Sure?
    India Rubber
    Inside My Head
    Killer Cars
    Lewis (Mistreated)
    Lozenge Of Love
    Million Dollar Question
    Pearly *
    Permanent Daylight
    Pop Is Dead
    Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
    Stupid Car
    Talk Show Host
    The Trickster
    Yes I Am
    You Never Wash Up After Yourself

  • The King Of Limbs Album (2/18/2011)
    Morning Mr Magpie
    Little By Little
    Lotus Flower
    Give Up The Ghost

  • In Rainbows Album (1/1/2008)
    15 Step
    Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
    All I Need
    Faust Arp
    House Of Cards
    Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    Down Is The New Up
    Go Slowly
    Last Flowers
    Up On The Ladder
    Bangers And Mash
    4 Minute Warning

  • Com Lag : 2+2=5 Album (3/29/2004)
    Gagging Order
    I Am A Wicked Child
    I Am Citizen Insane
    I Will
    Paperbag Writer
    Where Bluebirds Fly

  • Hail to the Thief Album (6/10/2003)
  • Amnesiac Album (6/5/2001)
  • Kid A Album (10/3/2000)
  • Meeting People Is Easy Album (5/17/1999)
  • Airbag: How Am I Driving (Ltd Ed) (Ep) Album (4/21/1998)
  • O.K. Computer Album (7/1/1997)
  • Bends Album (4/4/1995)
  • My Iron Lung Album (10/24/1994)
  • Pablo Honey Album (4/20/1993)

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    Reviews about Radiohead albums

    awe inspiring | Reviewer: josh
        ------ About the album Meeting People Is Easy performed by Radiohead

    it is an overall excellent dvd of the turbulant time when the band had just released okay computer and was on the verge of disbanding. And if you pay close enough attention. You will see Thom perform a song just released in '08 on the 1997 released dvd.

    Brilliant | Reviewer: louis
        ------ About the album O.K. Computer performed by Radiohead

    This Album Is by far the best Radiohead album ever made without a doubt. its not a album its more like a story the way theve piced togther the songs and set them out on the album like your startin envigourated finding a sweet soft middle and ending thrilled

    Amazingly Brilliant

    An album to never forget | Reviewer: Jade
        ------ About the album Amnesiac performed by Radiohead

    This is a wonderful album. As the person above me said, it evokes so many feelings, even the way the songs sound. My personal favourite is 'You and Whose Army?' because it's ever-applicable to that asshole in school who gives you shit every day. And instead of going for the 'you should die' way of saying it, they use intelligent bewordings and nicely placed music.
    My favourite Radiohead album also.

    words | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album B-Sides & Other Songs performed by Radiohead

    no sense the world has no end good night to an angel if ever the moon lights the words upon the hood of a volcano space trip and time travel blue. are you listening? Art.

    dead before the usefulness of life and death. another ocean between wrong and light bright.

    Genius | Reviewer: Ben S
        ------ About the album O.K. Computer performed by Radiohead

    There was much shock when in a channel 4 poll this album came out on top, there was disbelief or scorn but this was not justified. This album is truly an extroadinary piece of work, very developed and musically advanced but also intimate and beautiful. 'paranoid android' is a schizo slice of genius with its tilting, gentle melodies giving way to superb, string bending solo's. 'exit music for a film' is a beautiful song with its hidden lyrical bite (ie. the "we hope that you choke" refrain) as is the glorious 'karma police'. 'climbing up wallk' is tortured electro rock that still keeps a warm humanity. 'no surprises' and 'lucky' are softer and more anthemic and both like many on the track sound like hit singles. These are only a few tracks while there is no filler wasted over the 12 tracks. Truly a tremendous album.

    A speciel emotion | Reviewer: Anna
        ------ About the album Amnesiac performed by Radiohead

    When a person listen to this album a lot of different feelings show on ones surface, feelings like hoplesness, confusion, hate and sorrows. But sometimes they also makes one smile. The way they critisize society, the rutines of the everyday life and all the non interesting superficial conversations the world is filled with. Amnesiac makes sense, much more than some heavy band could ever do and that is becuse Thom York are capable of sounding extremly hatefull in a very humanized way. To point out a few of the best numbers, in my opinion any way, "Pyramid song", "Morning bells", "Knives out" and "Life in a glass house". In my opinion their best album...

    Hail to the thief!

    Really Good | Reviewer: Mitchell
        ------ About the album O.K. Computer performed by Radiohead

    This is the best Radiohead With Out A doubt. thats the only thing you can say about it. thats how good it is

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