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FORMED: 1989, Oxford, England

Radiohead is widely regarded as one of the world's most important bands of today. While their debut was rather modest, they were shot to stardom after the success of "OK Computer" - a success that few probably would have expected or predicted when the five of them started playing together in the early 80s after meeting at Abingdon School in Oxford.
Thom Yorke was the driving force of the band. He was singing in the punk band TNT, but asked the TNT bass player, Colin Greenwood, if he wanted to join him and guitar player Ed O'Brien in a new band. One year older Phil Selway started playing drums in the band. Colin's younger brother Jonny hung around them, bugging them, asking to join. Eventually, he was allowed to play with them, first on the harmonica, then, on the keyboards. Finally, he became the lead guitarist.

The band was named "On A Friday" because they rehearsed on Fridays. They made their debut at the Jericho's Tavern in 1987. April 1991, they recorded their first demo tape. The demo gave them the opportunity to record another tape, and the Manic Hedgehog Demo got the ball rolling for the band. Parlophone A&R representative Keith Wozencroft heard it, and after seeing the band live at Jericho's, "On A Friday" signed for EMI. They also changed their name to Radiohead after Talking Head's song "Radio Head" from the True Stories album.

In May 1992, the band released Drill EP which would eventually be a very sought after collector's item. When it was released, however, it reached #101 only and the band toured as a support band. Then, they released Creep EP in September 1992. Still, the big break didn't come before 1993 when Creep entered the Billboard Modern Rock Track Chart, peaking at second place. A re-issue of the single gave Radiohead the break they needed in the UK. Still, the album Pablo Honey never took off, and the fuss around the band faded in spite of them releasing My Iron Lung EP which got fairly good reviews.

Radiohead's second album, The Bends, was released in March 1995. This album got a better reception than Pablo Honey, and the band got a slowly growing horde of loyal fans. However, they had to release five singles from the album before they got a top 10 hit with the beautiful Street Spirit [Fade Out].

One month after the release of the six-minute-long single Paranoid Android, Radiohead released OK Computer in June 1997. The album skyrocketed to the top of the charts and spent 71 consecutive weeks on the UK Chart, harvesting amazing reviews. MTV played the Paranoid Android single regularly, and Radiohead became superstars, winning several awards. OK Computer sold to platinum, and it has gained reputation as one of the 90s most significant albums.

Then, things went quiet around Radiohead. They released Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP and Meeting People Is Easy, a weird little movie about the band made by Grant Gee, who also directed the No Surprises video. However, the band ran into some problems making the follow-up album to OK Computer. The recording sessions were long and in many ways, the band members had to re-define their roles in the band.

Radiohead's music was also kind of re-defined when their fourth album, Kid A, was released in October 2000. The album went straight to number one in spite of the fact that no ordinary promotion scheme was used, and no singles were released from the album. Kid A was totally different from OK Computer. Radiohead had found inspiration from a lot of other sources, turning their heads to more experimental music. Still, Kid A was a success.

June 2001, eight months after Kid A, Radiohead released the second part of their long recording session. The album Amnesiac contained tracks that were made at the same time as Kid A, and while the album held songs with guitar riffs, the Kid A experimental sound was also present at Amnesiac. On tour, Radiohead premiered a few new songs that showed a tendency towards going back to the good old guitar-based style. However, where Radiohead will go from now on is hard to tell. But a whole lot of loyal fans are waiting for their next move.

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radiohead-an eternal bliss | Reviewer: fanaticocobain | 9/21/13

when i first heard them,i found paranoid android as their best work,but was proved wrong after listening to them for a while......i could do nothing but surrender to pyramid song.....amazing song,and so deep.........TROLLED by u guys!!!

The music speaks for itself | Reviewer: lydia | 3/28/12

As others have said, Radiohead seem like one of the few bands that can stand up to bands from the 60s and 70s. They make music that is grand in quality rather than accommodating to the masses.

Extra Terrestial / Extra Ordinary | Reviewer: Gratian | 3/8/12

I am a semi professional classically trained musician. I have walked and played the gammut from blues to Beethoven, rosk of all kinds , Irish, you name it. I have a well worn collection of about 7000 vinyl recored -- maily jazz and classical -- about 2000 cd -- same mix and three weks of itunes on this computer.


The music that this ban produces is in my 60 year old ears perhaps the finest, most inspired and most original that I have ever heard. These people have managed to create that is greater than the sum of its parts. The lyrics can be stunning -- I am a teacher of literature -- poetry of a haunting kind. Much of it is very dark and clearly 'depressive' but somehow it strikes the chord of many of us. Call it a sing of the times. They have put their finger on our pulse and we can do nothing but submit to their treatment. In a word, brilliant.

Music that reaches out and touches your soul! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

Radioheads music will never die. Their music is profound and meaningful and has and always will stand the test of time. Those who don't like Radiohead don't have the emotional capacity/maturity to feel music as deeply as those who do and rather than verbally abusing them, I feel immense pity for them as they will never feel the joy.

Radiohead reach deep into my soul and tear my heart out and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Radihead is really unique wouldn't be compared | Reviewer: Zana | 12/17/10

I don't know if i can pay the real tribute to this magnificent band, they R simply the best musicians , all their songs are combination of true feeling coming straight from heart don't mention the music which go side by side along with the meaningful lyrics and whispering voice of Tom Yorke .. ...they r special so they gotta special listeners , I mean those who understand what is the true meaning of sadness and loneliness

sail to the moon | Reviewer: Maddy | 2/2/10

Radiohead are, without a doubt, one of the most truly influential and amazing bands out there at the moment, if not the absolute epitome, which I believe they are. It makes me sad that many people my age (high schoolers) fail to understand why I love them so much. Hopefully one day they'll realise what a truly incredible band Radiohead are. Thom Yorke's voice is the ultimate, too.

Instant Classic | Reviewer: tWo | 10/13/08

I met the band with OK Computer, a long time ago. I loved a couple of songs but I was too young to make it my favorite band. I liked Pink Floyd....Then I listened to Kid A and I understood these guys are something else. Every other album after just confirmed my thougts.
About In Rainbows, I just feel it's their greatest work to date. No weak songs, amazing lyrics, great climax and the creation of a unique sound. If you though Kid A was something else, this album (different musical orientation; this one is less "electronic") sets them apart from the rest. And by a lot.
Jigsaw Falling Into Place has to be an instant classic. It is an incredible song; it just sounds well though and fit together. These guys can play.
In Rainbows is this decade's greatest record, as was probably OK computer in the 90's.
Besides all I have said, this guys are amazing in live concerts. Thom just does everything, but he wouldn't be as great without Jonny.
Love you guys! Thank you for your music. It is inspiring

Yo | Reviewer: Eric Dolehide | 4/1/08

Radiohead is one of the best bands out there right now. There are too many bands that play too much for what the music industry wants to hear.
In Rainbows is their best album hands down. Before it was released The Bends was my favorite album, but ever since In Rainbows came out that has changed.
Keep making awsome music guys

Not much to figure out ... Hence sucesses | Reviewer: Jamemon | 3/6/08

I have to admit that I personally dont care for much "modern" rock, because alot of it all sounds similarly formulated. This is not the case at all with Radiohead. I am mesmerised by the songs, they appear to be totally from the heart and honestly not obsessed about the notes being played but the manner in which the feeling is conveyed.
Once an artist tries for commercial success, their music has just died. Once an artist tries to duplicate previous "successes", their art has just died. Luckily for us starved for interesting,emotional and MEANINGFUL music, Radiohead appears to acheive success by allowing themselves to go wherever they want to depending on where they are at the time thay are writing or recording.
Lucky us. Hooray for Radiohead. Keep creating whatever you want. Dont worry who is going to "like" it.
The first time I actually actively listened to Radiohead was the free lowbit MP3 download. I had never downloaded music before because I thought it was robbing the artist. Would you eat in a restaurant and not expect to pay? I just couldnt believe they were giving the record away for free. After It got into my head, I went and bought the CD. NOW theres a group with the bravado enough to say, "If you think this music sucks then dont pay for it".
Since then, I have purchased Kid A, amnesiac, Hail, and OK computer. I have finally discovered a modern group that I delights my senses.

five genius guys doing what they do the best. | Reviewer: AmaT | 11/25/07

since radiohead has been around for more than twenty years, they really needed to experiment diferent sounds. and they've known how to do it.

lead guitar, johny, gives and impresive punch to songs such as "lucky" and the whole "hail to the thief" new album, while also setting your feelings to the buttom of your own melancoly in songs as "how to desapear completly", "i will" and "sreet spirit(fade out)". thom jorke's only ways to make you feel what he wants you to feel consist in his lyrics and the power of his way to sing. therefore he's always looking for diferent colors and matices, stiles and tecniques. in short words, diferent ways to touch you. i really consider jorke as one of the best singers in today's music scene.

radiohead's the result of five guys working perfectly together, matching their diferent ways to do things. drums are always interesting, bass is always flling the space where everything happens, guitars are definetly making sure you're listening, jorke on the laptop is alwys hitting the right atmosfere and the voice... just pay atention and drown in jorke's mind. radiohead's in charge in many diferent ways.

their absolutly one of my two favorites bands ever. the other one is tool. but that's another story.


list | Reviewer: chris | 11/22/07

5. knives out
4.exit music
3.punchup at a wedding
2. like spinning plates
1. how to disappear completely
AND THE BEST...better than no. 1....a wolf at the door.

these guys never fail to impress...every song touches me so emotionally hard its crazy. listen to motion pic soundtrack carefully, and tell me that isnt for someone so special and in paticular. each song is unique in it's own way...sail to the moon, all i need, bulletproof i wish i was, street spirit, creep, even the new jigsaw falling into place are all modern classics. they are the most talented, influential,....GREATEST band of our generation...50 years from now...the beatles, dylan, zeppelin, doubt(not the band haha)....pure genius.

list | Reviewer: chris | 11/22/07

5. knives out
4.exit music
3.punchup at a wedding
2. like spinning plates
1. how to disappear completely
AND THE BEST...better than no. 1....a wolf at the door.

these guys never fail to impress...ever song touches me so emotionally charged..each one is unique in their own way...sail to the moon, all i need, bulletproof i wish i was, street spirit, creep, even the new jigsaw falling into place are all modern classics. they are the most talented, influential,....GREATEST band of our generation...50 years from now...the beatles, dylan, zeppelin, doubt(not the band haha)....pure genius.

adoring | Reviewer: holy cow | 11/8/07

i love this band, my winamp playlist consists only of their songs at the moment... I think the time i listen to them is only few weeks, but dammit, i feel i'll go on doing this for a long time :)

i love "In rainbows", "The bends"... My favorite song is "Creep", but i've listened to it so many times i just prefer to other songs now. Just, My Iron Lung, (nice dream), knives out, weird fishes, no surprises, karma police, high and dry, paranoid android, all i need are amazing.

Holy head | Reviewer: SLim | 11/6/07

this is the greatest band in the world i dont have to say anything else to back it up because its true

Thank god they're here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/07

I so agree.

Radiohead is the band. I don't know why I have to write this but I have to. Maybe it's because very few of my friends understand that they are all true music geniuses. But I believe, I know anyone who dosen't understand that doesn't know shit about music. Plus these people are probably mediocre human beings afraid of any emotion.

I understand that their songs can be downers, but this is because this band masters these feelings of melancholy, fear, despair, sadness... In fact, are ther any other bands that can grab your guts and pull on it until you can't take the pain anymore. I imagine you gotta love this kind of feeling but this set aside, their mastery of all that comes into a good piece of music, lyrics, melodies, music, vocals, their willigness to adress those things in life that hurt us and scare us most, make them gods, unequalled to this day. Certainly not by incredibly stupid, blind and deaf jerks the likes of Chaos Character.

Man ! You gotta be stupid not to understand that their music is the most achieved of all modern groups. That almost everything they have put out since pablo honey is a masterpiece. You can not like it. You can be afraid of it. You can be jealous of it. But you can't not understand that it is perfectly genious.

Exit music for a film, Fog, How to disappear completely, True love waits, Street Spirit, Sit Down Stand Up, Where I end and you begin, the whole OK Computer Album...

Man ! Everything man, everything.

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