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The Clash Radio Clash Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2013 08:39:16 AM

This is Radio Clash
Stealing all transmissions <--Resuming our transmission
Beaming from the mountaintop
Using aural ammunition

With extreme prejudice
On a terminator mission<--We're gonna terminate our mission
This is Radio Clash
Consider your position

Step it up, get down low

Breaking news flash
The whole country has been shot

Evil will abate<--Evil will await
In Revelation<--Illumination
In the Ministry of Whitewash<--From the Ministry of Whitewash

Wait, wait
Don't switch off the death
Yes, we have the latest score
Rebel Islanders: 101 and Home Yard: 44

This is Radio Clash
And we count your thoughts<--Anger counters thoughts
When lightning splits the sky in half
Sharper than a sword

And in the thundercloud
You see another cloud
Bones as big as sticks
Even angels were in hell on the morning of the sixth

Like buckets of venom in (????)<---Like buckets of venom, you can't hide
They've got a master plan
Human wars over there<--You build walls over there
And we'll come and knock 'em down

And he reaches the other side first<--And he WHO reaches...
Gets a job in the dirty old town
And he reaches the other side first<--And he who reaches...
Gets a job in the dirty old town

This is not free
This is not free Europe
No, no, no, no, no
Nor an armed force network

This is Radio Clash
Stealing all transmission<---resuming our transmission
Beaming from the mountaintop
Aural ammunition

A riggy diggy dig dang dang

This is Radio Clash
Stealing information<--Spewing information
By his will as a (???)
Use careful confirmation<--Use careful conflagration

Bribery, extortion
Legal legislation<--Lethal legislation
Security is life indeed<--Security is a lock and key
Accept no other explanation

This is Radio Clash
On pirate satellite
Orbiting your living room
Everybody hold on tight

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Lyrics change | Reviewer: Rob | 10/6/13

1) It's not "evil will abate" nor is it "evil will await." It is "EAGERLY AWAIT", as in "eagerly awaiting" (sarcastically) the next crumb of misinformation (i.e. "illumination", which is a correct lyrics) "from" (which is also correct) the Ministry of White Wash.

2) It's not "stealing all" nor is it "resuming our" transmission, but rather "ZOOMING YOUR transmissions." I know "zooming" is a odd word choice, but that's what Strummer sings.

3) Not on the high priority, but (and I could be wrong on this one), I've always thought they sang "HOME GOT 44", not "home yard 44." ... again, I could be wrong on this one.

4) "With extreme prejudice THEY MIGHT terminate our mission", not "on a terminator" or "we're gonna terminate." Consider the Reagan/Thatcher-paranoia that spurned this song.

5) The "like buckets of venom" is clearly wrong. I have no idea what Strummer saying, but the next lines are definitely "They've got a mater plan... You build walls over there... And we'll come and knock 'em down." Putting this string of lyrics together, it is clear that "like buckets of venom" is out of place. (If it were Sting singing, I'd go with "Like the Greek gods tormenting Sisyphus" - LOL!)

Whatever the case, the string of logic within this and the next lines, in which the person who rises above the 'circle of destruction' is merely rewarded with a "job in the dirty old town" (which is clearly an antiquated vision of Industrial-age capitalism... but I digress) should be taken into account when attempting to determine the "buckets of venom" line.

6) The "by his will" sounds more to me like "by his word." Either way, it comes off sound like "by HIS", as in God, which doesn't jive with the overall theme of this song.

Argh! Somebody e-mail Mick Jones, Topper, or Paul S. for the lyrics to this one!

Radio Clash lyric errors | Reviewer: Sandi | 5/21/11

"This is Radio Clash" was a single from 1981, this version, simply titled "Radio Clash" is the B side of that single.
I don't know why the "B" side has SO many errors in the lyrics.

The line is not "Stealing all transmissions", but rather "Resuming our Transmission". This version of the song is the B side of the other "Radio Clash" that gets the airplay, so when you would flip the record, yes, I mean the vinyl kind, they would essentially be 'resuming' from where they left off.
"On a terminator mission" is so wrong it's sad. The line is "With extreme prejudice, we gonna terminate our mission." As in to complete or finish. "Terminator" is a movie from 1984, yet this was released in 1981...Joe was awesome but couldn't predict the future, so there is no "terminator" reference here.
"Evil will abate, In Revelation, in the Ministry of white wash" is actually "Evil will await illumination from the Ministry of White Wash." A reference to government conspiracy theories and the propaganda, or "white wash" that would hide true government objectives.
"And we count your thoughts" is "Anger counters thought", meaning the government's actions are retaliatory and not well thought out.
"Like buckets of Venom (???)" The (???) is "You can't hide"
"Human wars over there and we'll come and knock 'em down" is actually "You build walls over there, and we'll come and knock 'em down." A reference to the Berlin wall which didn't come down until 1989.
"This is Radio Clash, Stealing information" is actually "This is Radio Clash, Spewing information."
"Use careful confirmation" is actually "Use careful conflagration" A reference to flame throwers and the use of Napalm.
"Legal Legislation, Security is life indeed", is actually "Illegal Legislation, Security is a lock and Key." Possibly a reference to accusations of illegal imprisonment of rebel leaders by dictators, which was a common theme at the time.
The Clash were in true Punk fashion, hugely political with a great distrust of the governments during the 70's and 80's, so thought should be given to what they were living at the time. Their current events went into their songs. It's a shame that so many don't even understand them anymore.

Lyrics are right | Reviewer: joe | 10/11/08

Actually, The Clash released (at least) two mixes of this song. The lyrics quoted above are taken from the longer mix, which, IMHO, is much better than the shorter, radio-friendly mix that most people are familiar with. It's that mix, the shorter one, that starts with "This is Radio Clash on pirate satellite."

Radio Clash | Reviewer: sanne | 11/15/07

the lyrics aren't right..

the first line is: This is Radio Clash on pirate satellite.. not: This Is Radio Clash, stealing all transmissions..

and there are some more things wrong..

maybe you can write the good lines? ;)