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Radial Angel Biography

Last updated: 06/02/2004 10:59:26 PM

If the saying “honesty is the best policy” holds any truth to it, it has certainly been proven by these coming of age rockers!

Young, mature and wise beyond their years, Oklahoma based Radial Angel is eager to share an honest faith that shines through emotional, experience-driven lyrics. Relational music that stirs the emotions and inspires the listener, this alternative rock band is driven to speak to its peers with lyrics that read like a very private diary and point you unmistakably to their God.

Produced by Chris Freels (Charlie Hall, Jamie Smith, the Passion projects) and Kevin Lively (Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots) Radial Angel's first nationally released album, One More Last Time, features an intense approach that nods to the musical reminiscence of bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, and Seven Day Jesus. Its combination of guitar driven rock songs with gritty and emotional vocals make for an innovative combination. The poetic and bluntly honesty lyrics provide a fresh approach to aggressive Christian rock, and more importantly, the ability to deeply impact the lives of its listeners.

Initially comprised of high school friends Jared Taber (vocals, guitars), Tommy Perkins (drums), and Daniel Buckmaster (original bassist), a group formed in 1995 when they, along with friend Jeremy Dolezel (lead guitar), decided to begin playing music together and see where that might take them. By 1999, a clear direction for the band came into light, and the name Radial Angel was officially chosen. After a short stint in music ministry with the band, then-bassist Daniel Buckmaster decided to leave and pursue a full-time career in youth ministry. Friend and part-time band member Eddie Jones (bass) joined to form a rock act foursome beyond reckoning.

After quickly becoming a popular draw in the Oklahoma City indie scene, their first project produced a surprise-hit single, “Down”. This catapulted them into national recognition as rock stations all over the country gave the song chart-busting airplay. A vigorous touring schedule and an additional praise & worship release followed in a whirlwind of unexpected success. After taking some time to rest and write, these honest rockers emerge again with greater maturity in both life and music for their first release on Warner Brothers Christian/Squint Entertainment entitled One More Last Time.

One of the many things that make this band ready for the prime time is its experience as a band. Known well for their exciting live shows, the band has been commissioned for a variety of key performances including the famous Radio U New Years Eve Bash, and as the headliner band on the Massive Radio-sponsored Epidemic Tour. Their growing popularity awarded them the coveted “Pick of the Litter” feature in HM Magazine, and spots on various radio charts in the nation, confirming their popularity with numerous top 10 and number one (1) spots. In addition to the success of their first single, “Down”, their second single “Jesus Loves Me” hit the respected Radio & Records (R&R) Rock Charts in the summer of 2001.

Their newest endeavor – signing with a major label – is “a dream that we hoped would come true, and are so glad that it is” says Tommy. “We always wanted to branch out, and let God use us to the fullest extent and however far he wanted to take us. We are really excited to have this opportunity.” "Our name Radial Angel came from an epiphany one day while a former member and still close friend of ours was mowing the grass, of all things," explains the band. "Daniel was thinking about how we could capture the heart of what we want to portray as a band. ‘Radial’ is the center pointing outward, and ‘angel’ is a servant of God. Putting the two together seemed to accomplish our goal.”

There is more to the heart of the band than a “radial angel” however. An even deeper theme is honest and sincere Christianity – they want to be TRUE individuals and servants of God. “We’re very concerned about presenting Christianity as just another religion, says Jeremy. “We just want to be really honest and not portray anything as a cliché, and show each person what a relationship with God is really about.”

“Over the last couple of years, our focus has really changed, as we have been changed,” states Eddie. “The ministry in our music comes from speaking about real relationships we have, and the honest way they affect our lives.” This theme is more than apparent through deep and inspiring lyrics from chief writer Jared Taber – penned almost entirely from past conflicts and recent personal experiences.

When we first began to work on the new album, we went to a church camp as their musical guests” Jared shares. “It gave me this overwhelming fear that the new songs I had written weren’t ‘Christian’ enough, and really, I didn’t even want that. I just wanted to write honest lyrics about true struggles. I had a confidence, though, because I knew that I had written what I felt God gave me to write. As we played some of the new songs at the camp and at future shows, people began to respond in a better way, a relational way. I feel like this album ultimately points you to God, through each and every struggle.”

“I think we have a more mature writing style now” adds Jeremy. “Instead of speaking in general terms, we cover more specific life experiences – both the good and bad stuff. People really appreciate being able to hear about what they are going through, with a revelation or reminder that God is their ultimate source for help and healing. Some people even feel like it’s a type of praise and worship for them.”

“That’s really true”, interrupts Eddie. “I’ve had so many people tell me that our rock inspires praise and worship – even the songs that we think would be most unlikely to do so.”

“Ultimately, we just want to witness about God”, says Tommy, “ and we’ll do that in whatever form that comes in. We feel very strongly about wanting people to identify with what we are talking about in our songs, and that only comes from blunt honesty.”

"And that’s what our songs are about," adds Jared, "but we also write songs that actually inspire us and stir up our own personal convictions about who God really is and how that will play out in our lives. I feel like our Christianity has really matured as a result of these songs. Both our listeners, and us, are challenged by what we sing about, and that’s really what it’s all about for me. That’s where the good stuff starts.”

For this honest rock band with such a bright future, it certainly won’t be where it ends.