Rackets & Drapes Albums

  • Love Letters From Hell Album (6/1/2003)
    God Bless The Children Of The Damned
    Redlite Deadlite
    Sex Doll
    Retail Slut
    Halloween (Bring Out The Dead)
    She Devil
    Stiletto 13
    No Place Like Hell

  • The Sick And The Beautiful Album (6/1/2002)
    Mommy Dearest
    Plastic Jesus
    Kill Yourself
    Love With A Fist (The Haunted Remix)
    Storytime With Rackets & Drapes

  • Trick Or Treat Album (6/1/2000)
    The Asylum (Intro)
    Trick Or Treat
    Rotten Apples
    Medicine Head
    On Your Knees
    Virgin In The Midst
    Plastic Jesus
    Personal Jesus
    Beat The Devil

  • Candyland Album (1/19/1999)
    Baby Killer
    Ball And Chain
    Love With A Fist
    Stix And Stonz
    Home Street Home
    Bride In Black
    Dead Horse
    Burning Your Witches
    Milk And Cookies
    Disease Of Me
    Electric Sheep

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