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Rachel Platten Biography

Last updated: 06/28/2012 12:00:00 PM

Rachel Platten band is a product of great music and good will. The band has opened for Rusted Root, dashes, and now enjoys a loyal, growing fan base. Behance caught up with Rachel Platten to discuss motivation and effort that push bold ideas forward.

Platten is rolled with its tours and turns off the fate, but consistent passion and thinking. International relations and the announced his interest in early music in Trinidad, where music is difficult to influence in everyday life. Rachel followed her instinct and find yourself in front of the band with the song "back up" soca, 100 000 people in the crowds screaming and throwing confetti. "I Was hooked, " he inspired.

Platten finally returned to the United States to get some formal training. He enrolled at Boston's renowned Berklee School of Music and started formal piano class, voice, guitar and writing songs. The end of just one semester at school, he has gathered some musicians, find an affordable recording studio in Boston, and recorded three or four songs that he wrote. Platten explains, "The demo wasn't ' t big, but serve the purpose. I started to send to college radio stations, and basically give it to everybody can ? "

The chaos of touring and building fans Platten acknowledged the importance of prioritizing and organizing. Along with its indispensable Blackberry Platten has a few tricks to stay focused. "?At the beginning of each day, I'm making a mental escape everything that I want to get done that day ?I make a few goals for each day, large and small, and then just chip away at them. "Platten also uses her Blackberry, to save the calendar. "I began to set a reminder for where I/should be, and it has helped tremendously. "

It is difficult to be inserted, as something new, especially in the world of entertainment. One of the biggest disappointments of the hearing world Platten "No. " as she explains, "Hearing that someone wasn 't psyched about my music as I was ? It was difficult to come to terms with. Okay, so I imagine that it is reasonable, there are six billion people in the world and each one is going to dig what I do, but in terms of reversed, with all the people ? There are certainly there will be some who love the music you make. The trick was to find the ? I overca**e that disappointed by staying focused on the music, the cause was writing songs for the terrible feeling you get when you stage, The and recalling that I try to reach people more level than myself and my feelings. I began to realize that couldn 't run is about my ego, I wouldn 't or is able to reach anyone. So I've gradually learn the to leave behind the need for approval and only give people what they do, and I hope to get in some way. "

It is very difficult to make you keep dream trip wears. You must be a little cruel. As he set about a thing, "explains IM 'ger├žekten stubborn When platten. So I just did not let it go. It's all over, ' ' no n n n ' you're not good enough it's ' ? I just kept my head in my success and visualization. ?Visualize achieving my goal myself. I make it so real that ? can see every detail, sounds, tastes, Visual, and so on ? and really just all about imagination and so On when ? can on/twenty minutes of meditation. I believed in myself is the maximum possible engine ? find "

Platten pushes forward ideas with a healthy dose of impatience. "Instead of waiting for a booking agent, called places myself, pretended to be my booking agent and just talked myself. Was pretty ridiculous ? but hey! It worked! After two months, I opened for Rusted Root, and voted best singer in Hartford! And I was still my booking agent. Shhh ?"

The stories behind bands are particularly interesting. After graduating from College, Platten beca**e known in Connecticut music scene. However, she had higher aspirations a realized the need to start from scratch in New York City. As she recalls, "this possibly was the scariest thing that ever did ? from the ground. I had absolutely no contact, connections, etc. I didn t even know where ' find other musicians. "

Her search led her to audition, and random places with random people. Rachel continues to share just one of many stories, which led to more stories, more concerts, growing fanbase and a promising career in music.

"Matt told me to meet him on the street in the West Village Bleeker that night and promised that introduced me to ' who I needed to know. '?He took me to a little place candles and a great bar called Lantern village. It was there that I met, Papa Guyo and Jon Fritz and Tanya. He had ust?elenou. Was this a sweet old man, who looked like a Smurf mixed with hulk, sitting down at a table full of crazy kitchen and special drums, toys, which I've never seen. He had the trunk in front of him, and established the kick, the trunk was singing. But the most incredible sound. Guitarist ? and damn! Does guitar talk ? it was crazy and Tanya, I've never heard of such a soul.

I asked Matt if he would introduce me to them. Five minutes later I was on stage singing 'Give me one of the reasons, "and I suppose that I did well."

This is the second thing that's helped me get where I am. Balls. Serious balls. It does get awkward or nervous. I think, so what 's worst thing that could happen? Would be a fool to myself and never went there again. Who cares what twenty or so people in this line of thought for me?

When I sang, papa guyo asked me for my number, and before I knew I was on tour with him and his crazy funk band in St Barth for two months.

After that, I continued the song, along with funk band, along with all of the girls in the band was signed and pretty cool, but decreased and finally I funk spectral band boys called up and told them I was starting my business and whether they contact me? In such a way that they have done, and here I am, just a fan base of the building, in writing, and get more excited about a crazy dream into a reality! "

With the background, hard work, and several sources of inspiration, Rachel plates has a fairly simple task. As she described it, your mission is "to access somewhat higher than I with my music to create something that Isn ' t forced, but of course, beyond the ego part of it, and in writing and execution of my heart. In essence, I hope, something greater than to be able to give only a song of That people. Cooperation between actors and audience, is I that we can access when pure, which highly think most real. ?I have travelled widely and I have learned that you can communicate to an intense, deep level, even if you don ' t understand each Other cultures, by making music. "

It/the drive, this desire to more easily access and draw people to this high that motivates Rachel Platten.

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With a rapidly growing fan base and having already shared the stage and toured with such acts as The Strokes, Lady Gaga, Marc Ford, Rachael Yamagata, Susan Tedeschi and The Toots & The Maytals, Rachel's fan base is growing rapidly. Her self-titled, debut album is piano-driven soulful-pop (saturated with distorted trombones and ambient synths). Best of all, Rachel's music is the ultimate remedy to our darkest moments: an infectious smile, a giving heart, a radiant soul, and a whole lot of love.

Here's what the people are saying:

'Singer-songwriter [Rachel P] craftly blends sweet delicateness with pluck.' NY Post

"From time to time, I am fortunate to see a live show that truly captivates me. Rachel P played to a packed house at Le Poisson Rouge, in New York's Greenwich Village. A native of Boston, she first stunned New York audiences with some impromptu beat-boxing and singing alongside Toots, during a Toots and the Maytals concert at Irving Plaza...(she was an audience member, and yes, it was unplanned and cool, as I was there to bear witness)."

"Rachel is no less than a force to be reckoned with when put on stage (barefoot or not) behind her keys. Her gorgeous smile is as big as her voice, and her joy and spirit seemed to fly out over the crowd at the Blender, leaving everyone asking, 'Who is this girl?.... She is expansive on stage'there is no other way to put it. Her sound ' the entire band's sound ' was enormous ' not intimidated by the challenge of filling up a huge theatre but rather encouraged by it." - BUZZINE

"Songs saturated with happiness and hope and a voice that resonates deep into your core ensure this singer-songwriter is destined for an explosive career. In the current state of our country and the difficult times people are enduring, Rachel's music provides the ultimate remedy to cure the darkest moments: an infectious smile, a giving heart, a radiant soul, and a whole lot of love." NYC ARTIST SCENE BLOG

'She is breathtaking & brilliant.' Boston Globe

"Rachel P crafts songs with beautiful, memorable melodies and intelligent, moving lyrics. Then she delivers them with her compelling and powerful voice. She is an accomplished guitarist and pianist with enough stage presence to make you forget that anyone else is in the room. [She] is one of those remarkable and all-too-rare artists who remind me why I love my work." Bob Leone, Songwriters Hall of Fame.

" sure to remember [Rachel P]'s name because she stole the show and was the highlight of the night. Her voice is just as big as her personality. Her musicality and versatility as a performer make her one to watch. She was on fire..." STARPOLISH

"...a modern-day Jackson 5 vibe that's uplifting, upbeat, fun, and happy....channeling influences like The Beatles and Motown, Rachel exudes energy, light, and soul in every performance. Due to its multifarious appeal, her music fashions a scene of it's own; one that charms the intimate acoustic environment and captures eclectic audiences at larger venues like the Highline Ballroom. Independently selling over 5,000 copies of her first record made four years ago, Rachel is currently focused on the follow up album, as well as giving back to the community who have so graciously shown support." NYCARTISTSSCENE

Stuff that would make her mama proud:

* Rachel's song 'Seven Weeks will be heard in upcoming feature THE GOOD GUY, starring Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls

* Rachel's song 'She Might Be' was MP3 of the day on VH1's Best Week Ever Blog

* Rachel has performed over 1000 shows in concert halls, festivals, and clubs alike from New York to Hong Kong to the Caribbean alongside artists such as Rusted Root, The Strokes, Susan Tedeschi & The Toots & The Maytals * Collaborated with DJ Logic (of Medeski, Martin & Project Logic) on a recent release

* Rachel spent six months in Trinidad writing and working alongside International recording artist Andre Tankard

* Rachel has performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park, and Gillette Stadium

* Selected by Songwriter Hall of Fame as a Featured writer in the New Writers Showcase alongside Lady Gaga