Ra Lyrics

Sahaj: Vocals, Guitar
Skoota Warner: Drums
Ben Carroll: Guitar
Sean Corcoran: Bass

The sun god. Every religion has one in some guise or
another. Think life force. Think birth, death and
resurrection. Think all-consuming passion. The ancient
Egyptians called theirs RA. It's a fitting name for a band,
especially one that generates such passion with its
dynamic, multi-dimensional sound--and one that has cheated
death in a sense. "Naming the band RA wasn't about tying it
in with the Egyptians," says More...

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Reviews about Ra songs

I agree with the last two (especially "patrick") | Reviewer: Ryan
    ------ About the song Do You Call My Name performed by Ra

I can drink to that. I'm 21, been living on my own for 19 years and my parents blackmail me to keep me living under their rules. They raised me to believe that I can't trust anyone; now I've recently started to doubt my friends. I've also built up a distrust over the years due to school staff's bullying and my job accusing me of shit I never did. Lots of anger built up inside, and almost got fired this morning.
To be professional, it's great music. Cool how they use the scales to work with the melodies. It's a different sound, no doubt, especially with the heavy riffs. Singer's got powerful and neat vocals, too.

Hey, Favorite band of all time's best song | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Take Me Away performed by Ra

Well, I always wanted to send a song or two to my GF that was from RA since they seemed to me such an undiscovered talent. But the lyrics always have such pejorative semantic overtones about relationships - more specifically, love.
So now, I found myself thinking deeply by typing, deciding if I want to put this in a CD for her, and not having rly thought about the lyrics too much. But from the start it seems more about hope and cooperation than betrayal.
The very name, Take Me Away, is a request. In this, in and of itself there is hope in another. It suffices quite well in the first verse that he is speaking about something beautiful that is removed from him, a flower in darkness. That it is growing in the wind would provide it the means to reach the artist, if he were not in darkness. The rest of the lyric follows my pretense.

Great Song | Reviewer: Al-x
    ------ About the song Swimming Upstream performed by Ra

I love this song, and i think I'm about to feel exactly as this guy today when I try to kiss a girl, I really hope she kisses me back, but since she has a boyfriend it's probable that she'll avoid me just out of moral remorse because I know she really likes me

wow i love this song | Reviewer: patrick
    ------ About the song Do You Call My Name performed by Ra

it's a great song and i can really relate to it. my parents try to control my life and make me live by their believes instead of my own and it really pisses me off. and zylo's right, each song is about the artist not us so we should look at it from their perspectives too.

kick ass addictive | Reviewer: Zylo
    ------ About the song Do You Call My Name performed by Ra

heard this song on the radio and looked up the lyrics when I read them and when I heard them they just fit my life love it this is my favoritre song and btw each artist put part of himself into his art but each viewer sees a part of himself within the art, not the artist

signed just bacon 4 brains
Zylo the Wolfbane

RA | Reviewer: Natali
    ------ About the song Do You Call My Name performed by Ra

Someone locked within ignorance, wanting to live their own life. People controlling it for them, not letting them see the truth. The ignorance begins to fade and you begin to hate those who've tried to control a life they shouldn't be meddling with. You become a cynic and hate the world for the actions of a few.

That is my interpretation of this song.

Football | Reviewer: nightmair0
    ------ About the song Do You Call My Name performed by Ra

i was introduced to this band through football, we ran out to this song and it got me so pumped, Ra is just a sic band and they are amazing, i cant get enough now

Such a good song | Reviewer: Santa
    ------ About the song I Lost Everything Today performed by Ra

I have always loved this song, but since the girl whom I like and was liked back by decided to be with someone else, it's got a special place to me now.

Ra Rules | Reviewer: T
    ------ About the song Fallen Angels performed by Ra

Fallen Angels is a really great song, with a deeper meaning (Javens words) - like nearly all songs of Ra.
The songs 'I Lost Everything Today', 'Only', 'Fallen Rock Zone' and 'Do You Call My Name' are also great.

It's about right | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Do You Call My Name performed by Ra

I spent from 10 through 14 and a half years old locked up, this is about as close as I've heard to what it's like at least early on. Later the anger takes over more.

Kids come out of lockups the way they do for a reason.

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