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Peter, Paul & Mary ROLLING HOME Lyrics

Last updated: 08/10/2014 08:20:52 PM

Truth, with all its far out schemes,
Lets time decide what it should mean;
It's not the time but just the dreams that die.
And sometimes when the room is still,
Time with so much truth to kill,
Leaves you by the window sill so tied
Without a wing, to take you high,
Without a clue to tell you why.

Now, I just want to keep my name, not bother anybody's game
Without ideas of gold or fame or insane heights.
I don't want a lot of money, I don't want a Playboy Bunny,
Just a love to call me honey late at night,
In my arms, by my side, in my arms late at night.

But I don't know, I ain't been told,
Ev'rybody wants a hand to hold.
They're so afraid of being old,
So scared of dying, so unknown
And so alone, rollin' home.

Well, I see the ones who crawl like moles
Who for a front would trade their souls,
A broken mirror's the only hole for them;
And for you who'd exchange yourselves,
Just to be somebody else,
Pretending things you never felt or meant;
Hey, you don't live what you defend,
You can't give so you just bend.

Now if you care what people think,
Like they supplied some missing link;
They'll just stand back and watch you sink so slow.
They'll never help you to decide,
They'll only take you for a ride,
After which they'll try and hide the fact that they don't know
What you should do, where you should go,
What you should do, where you should go.


There's nothing big I want to prove,
No mountains that I need to move,
Or even claim what's right or true for you.
My sights, my songs are slightly charred,
You might think they miss their mark,
But things are only what they are and nothing new
But for me, I think they'll do,
But for me, I think they'll do.

Well, I can see a king and queen, a beggar falling at my feet;
They all must see the same sad dreams at night;
Futility and senseless war, pit the rich against the poor,
While cause is buried long before the fight
For what was wrong, for what was right,
It's just the strong, who ever says what's right.


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Rolling Home | Reviewer: Bland Crowder | 8/10/14

It's good to hear what this song has meant for others. I have just always loved the harmonies and loved to sing them. They soar, very dynamic. PP&M were the first concert I ever saw, 10th grade, 1967, Richmond, Va. I always had the feeling that Mary Travers really didn't need that microphone.

The Past Is Made Clearer | Reviewer: John | 8/10/13

I had a friend back around 1970 who would let stronger personalities dictate the major movements of his life. He went from one "trip" to another with shocking speed and, sadly for those of us who loved him, predictability. Why were there so many back then who did "trade their souls...just to be somebody else...?" Judging from when it was written, Rolling Home has only grown keener in my estimation in its speaking to that era while P,P & M truly voiced my own passionate frustration of its excesses and casualties.

Loved this song since I was 16. | Reviewer: Brian Kirley | 3/2/10

I've often played this song at gigs but have never been asked to repeat it. Yet, when I play it privately for friends they usually ask for it again. I guess it's one of those songs that has to be delivered intimately. Brian

Thank You Eric Anderson | Reviewer: bguissinger | 4/2/09

These words gave so many of us a way to go. They rang true and still remind us that justice with integrity are the only way society can grow up into a good place to be. Where are songs of this mettle commenting on current crud? (notice the use of alliteration) Think I'll go trap a muskrat.

This song anchored my life | Reviewer: Myles | 1/27/09

I am right with you Dan....I first heard this song when I bought the album 1700, and I too was 21 in '68. I loved it immediately. It really helped form certain opinions early on. Along with "The Great Mandella", it helped me stay out of the draft and then council over 150 guys from going into the war. I too can not understand why this song was not picked up by others to perform in their styles. I still get goosebumps when I here PP&M sing this incredible song with lyrics that truly speak the truth !!

Had an impact on my life | Reviewer: Dan | 4/8/08

This song was written by Eric Anderson and was track #1 on Peter, Paul and Mary's "Album 1700". I think I bought the album about 1968 when I was 21 and a business student at UW-Madison.

I could understand only some of the lyrics at the time--not very clear on the recording--but what I could hear straightened some of my jumbled outlook at the time. I was questioning the influence of culture/society on my life's a 21 year old the outside message was to "make a lot of money" (I was in business school at the time) and to marry a "Playboy Bunny" and it did seem that everyone I knew had an idea about how I should live my life.

I listened to this song over and over and maybe it had an influence on my decision to drop out of the business school, become a muskrat trapper until drafted (I was drafted and found myself in Vietnam about a year later). I eventually became a simple school teacher and have lived in the forest ever since.

Now I am 61 and found this song again and am pondering the seemingly short time since I first heard it and now.

The song still speaks to me all these years later.

Always loved this song | Reviewer: rjacobs | 11/26/06

I first heard this song when I was recording PP&M albums to tape in the mid seventies. As I've always been a fan of tunes where the music, the lyrics, the performer(s) and the beat all seem to be perfectly integrated; this song stopped me dead in my tracks.
I forgot about recording and played this song over and over again.

While it is in the vein of Simon and Garfunkel's " A Poem On The Underground Wall", it lacks the reudian Depth Simon infused into the tune. On the other hand, it speaks much more directly to human experience.

The only reason I can figure for why this song is so underperformed, has most to do with the pace, the need to learn lyrics that are four songs combined or more, not a dance tune and the fact that one needs to enunciate clearly to perform this song.

It is a briliantly under rated song.