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Lea Salonga REMIND MY HEART Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2000 09:32:09 PM

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(K. Hain/J. Franzel)

Pull back the curtain
Open up the blind
Let the light on the window
I can't close for all this time
I wanted to forget the pain of falling
That you, maybe, remember now
Dreams weren't always made to be broken

When you hold me in your arm
Remind my heart
Of the way love should be
In the moment I let go
Remind my heart
That you're really there for me
Like the sun, breaking through the dark
Remind my heart

Ohh, can it be this simple
Can it be this true
All the fears I've held so long
Swept away by you
Slowly now, you bring me to my senses
And I can feel the warmth again
Of the flame I'd thought I've lost forever

(Repeat Chorus)

What I missed so long (Remind my heart)
Of the tenderness and the feeling you remind (Remind my heart)
How love can make you strong
Oh, baby, you're makin' me strong

(Repeat Chorus)

Ohh, In the moment I let go (Remind my heart)
Remind my heart, remind my heart
That you're really there for me
Remind my heart
Of the way this love should be
Remind my heart
Remind my heart

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