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Dulce Maria

What would it take for a music group to be justly called a
phenomenon? While it might ultimately require a historical
look back, consider these facts about the Mexican pop group

Upon its release in January 2005, RBD's debut album Rebelde
initially shipped only 25,000 copies in their home country.
Rebelde was such an immediate sensation that when RBD
followed with Nuestro Amor eight months later, the new disc
shattered the record books by going platinum in just seven More...

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Reviews about RBD songs

Never Enough | Reviewer: never enough heart.
    ------ About the song Tu Amor performed by RBD

Monica, Yes, thats the same for me, except for a girl, except i told her, and she still doesn't love me, even though we held hands, and that ment something to me and i thought we were going somewhere she said we should just be friends, and im not sure what was going on after that. =[

rbd is bad | Reviewer: tiffany
    ------ About the song Ser O Parecer performed by RBD

i love rbd but there songs are bad i herd that if you play the song the backwards it say stuff of the devil so i did't belive the t.v so i did it myself and it's true they are saying stuff like ''come hung me devil''

i wanna be the rain | Reviewer: esther
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be The Rain performed by RBD

well really.i was hopin that u could put lyrics in poteouges.thank u.

Perfect for tellin' someone | Reviewer: Diana Motta
    ------ About the song Tu Amor performed by RBD

I think this song tell someone the wway you feel about them. If you like someone and you're trying to tell them you love them, listen to this song. It's AWESOME!!!

HI could i have a artigraph i am your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lionor
    ------ About the song Rebelde performed by RBD

HI By-by.

my rbd review | Reviewer: maria garcia
    ------ About the song Ser O Parecer performed by RBD

My review was very convincing and i love the song of rebelde i love that song ser o parecer i love that special love song that they did in the ocean the one of "tu amor".!!!!!

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