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Urban R&B
producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter R. Kelly
and his supporting band Public Announcement began recording
in 1992 at the tail end of the new jack swing era, yet he
was able to keep much of its sound alive while remaining
commercially successful. While he created a smooth,
professional mixture of hip-hop beats, soul-man crooning,
and funk, the most distinctive element of Kelly's music is
its explicit carnality. He was able to make songs like "Sex
Me," "Bump n' Grind," "Your Body's Callin'," and "Feelin'
on Yo More...

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Review about R. Kelly songs
U saved me | Reviewer: Broda Daniel
    ------ About the song You Saved Me performed by R. Kelly

A wonderful n heart touching song, I love dis song lyrics. May de Lord Jesus use you more to win more souls unto His kingdom n may your own soul neva get lost as you surrender unto de master of de universe.

Spectacular & Edgy performance | Reviewer: ARINZEH ODOH(KARDINAL)
    ------ About the song Number One performed by R. Kelly

One of the most dangerous song that was projected in this century 2 explain how two persons who are dangerously in love could express their unconditional feelins in words that can lead 2 endless sweetdreamsss.

God's love | Reviewer: Peace
    ------ About the song You Saved Me performed by R. Kelly

I love this song,bcos it is touching.R.Kelly pls as you r singing surrender to Jesus totally.bcos it will be very bad for u to sing to God,but at the end of your life u find urself in the flames of eternal torment.This is serious bcos what God requires is the heart,and not really songs.I luv u

... | Reviewer: magezi mark
    ------ About the song Soldier's Heart performed by R. Kelly

This is a powerful song to add to the many
tributes to our Soldiers and other
servicemembers. There are times when we
need to be reminded that our fellow citizens
stand beside us in a war that is confusing to
most people. It is extremely gratifying to see
we are not forgotten. R. Kelly and Hart
Hollman are to be applauded for their efforts
on this release. I first saw it integrated into a
tribute to the 10th Mountain Division and it
really sets the tone for the video.

taking a leap of faith | Reviewer: jeanne
    ------ About the song Spirit performed by R. Kelly

Recently I had to make a decision about doing the will of God and I had to take a leap of faith. I had to let the spirit of God guide me. This song has been and still is a song of strength and encouragement. Thanks R. Kelly

strength | Reviewer: abigail bhunu
    ------ About the song You Saved Me performed by R. Kelly

I love this song it gives me strength when I'm in a problem of which I can't solve and I will always give myself to God to help me and take me out of the issues I will always ask God with this song to forgive me my sins and sing this song with heart :Thanks to U R.Kelly

class | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Trapped In The Closet (full Version) performed by R. Kelly

ur all stupid those of u who think this song is shit, r kelly did somethimg thats never been done before its not perfect, and it shldnt be, it was done by man, its entertaining to me and is genius cos no one thought to do it before, now its being done, however better they are all copycats..

the real true | Reviewer: wilbert
    ------ About the song Trapped In The Closet (full Version) performed by R. Kelly

from my point of view this is one of his best song . into that song we find a great teching sometimes we do wrong things but we dont expect from anyone else to be done to us thanks

My Heart Poured Out | Reviewer: St.Roland Idemudia
    ------ About the song Spirit performed by R. Kelly

when i meet R.Kelly someday, i'm going to ask him how he got inspired to pen down these words and how he was able to so inspiringly sing them. Sometimes i cry while listening to these songs because vertually all of them are a reflection of me. God bless you Kelly, but please stay on the Gospel this is where you impact lives.

world greatest is a song that change life | Reviewer: mazz
    ------ About the song The World's Greatest performed by R. Kelly

Any term I just feel sag or thinking about future my father we come and met me say son don't worry about future will know who you are. you are world greatest. You are hero will always proud of you son you are father of nation so don't think it. And my father we play me song world greatest by r kell. I thank r kelly 4 sign world greatest

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