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R. Kelly Black Panties Album

Last updated: 11/01/2014 02:29:27 PM

R-Kelly-Black-Panties-CoverRelease Date: 12/10/2013
Tracks in Black Panties: Legs Shakin', Cookie, Throw This Money On You, Prelude, Marry The Pussy, You Deserve Better, Genius, All The Way, My Story, Right Back, Spend That, Crazy Sex, Shut Up, Tear It Up, Show Ya Pussy, Physical, Every Position

Black Panties Album Tracklist

R. Kelly Speaks On Trey Songz, Chris Brown and New Black Panties Album

R&B star R. Kelly had been away from music after undergoing an emergency throat surgery in July.

After spending the last couple months recovering, the 44-year-old singer is gearing up to release his new album titled Black Panties.

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