Quincy Punx Albums

  • Me Album
    Darby Was A Martyr
    Safety Pins
    Heavy Metal Blackmass / Orgy Of Blood
    Punker Than You
    Brady Bunch
    Cereal Killer
    I Wanna Be A Dyke
    Boot Party

  • Nutso Smasho Album (10/6/1998)
    Ugly American
    Beer Run
    Drunk Tank
    Nic Fit
    Pig Roast
    Killer Ratings
    Soldiers Of Foreskin
    Be My Alibi
    Don't Ask Why
    I Killed Mommy
    Crust Song
    My America
    Machine Gun Etiquette
    Last Generation
    When I Win The Lottery
    Beer Shits
    The List
    Uncontrollable Urge
    We Are The Drunks

  • Stuck On Stupid Album (8/1/1996)
    Malicious Mischeif
    Kill Yourself
    Hate On
    Murder At The Senior Prom
    Yeddish Steel / Instrumental
    Beer Bong Vomitorium

  • Get The Humans Album (8/1/1993)
    Part Of The Problem
    Fuck PC
    All About You
    Fuck You (If You Can't Take A Joke)
    Beer Brigade
    We Rule
    All About You II

  • We're Not Punx Album (8/1/1993)

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