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Quincy Punx Biography

Last updated: 08/09/2006

Ok so I haven't updated this shit for a while but then again there hasn't been much to say about the band so.... Anyway, I guess we are playing shows again. Details are a little sketchy right now but we are for sure playing this Sunday March 12 at 7th Street Entry for a taping of Drinking With Ian. I have no idea what time we will play but you should come. Also we are playing Saint Paul Punkfest at Station 4 on April 22. I have heard rumors that there will be more shows after that but no details are available right now. Also there will probably be a 2xCD retrospective called "Three Chord Regression" if we ever get off of our asses and get together art, liner notes, and photos then remaster all the tapes and find a label to release it(because we are to lazy to deal with it ourselves). There is probably more to tell but I can't think of it right now so goodnight.