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Smashing Pumpkins Quiet Lyrics

Last updated: 06/03/2009 11:00:00 AM

I am sleeping
In here
We need a little hope

For years
I've been sleeping
Couldn't tell a soul

Be ashamed
Of the mess you've made
My eyes never forget, you see
Behind me

Metal mercies
Boys to the bone

Are you listening?
Up there
To anyone at all

We are the fossils
The relics of our time
We mutilate the meanings
So they're easy to deny

Be ashamed
Of the mess you've made
My eyes never forget, you see
Behind me

I am sleeping
I am sleeping
I don't trust you
I can't hear you

Be ashamed
Of the mess you've made
My eyes never forget, you see
Behind me

Behind me
The grace of falling snow
Cover up everything you know
Come save me from the awful sound
Of nothing

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Wow... | Reviewer: Katie | 6/3/09

This is a pretty powerful song, but mostly every song by SP is...
My interpretation... It describes the loss of faith in "God" or whatever it is you believe in.
How humanity has fallen, perhaps.
"Sleeping" might represent how everyone is turning a blind eye to things that are taking place on a day to day basis. Being oblivious to it. Or choosing to ignore it.

As for the banana review...
Dude... What were you smoking before you made this review? Wow...
Maybe if we all toked a bit, we'd understand what the hell he was trying to say.
Lmfao. xDD
I want a banana and some coffee now...
Thanks, banana guy.... Thanks alot. -_-

actual review | Reviewer: silverheart | 10/6/08

the song has nothing to do with effing bananas. i want what he's smoking. anyway.

the song is about the disconnected relationship between the destructive human and god. even while the human is vigilant in his destruction of his private world, he still wants help.

awesome song | Reviewer: zach | 4/3/08

this song is one of my favorites of any song I've ever heard. It has a strong liberating sound to it, the solo is so freakin insane. The pumpkins' music, especially this song, brings you to that higher level of ka

a quiet review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/05

I think this song is very reflective of the amount of juicy juicy bananas that are now available in the world's tallest wine glasses. Four you see, if one was to produce a coffee bean that was made of joss kendall, it would make it into one mean son of a super coffee bean. and thats what i think this song is about. thank you muchly