Quick And The Dead Albums

  • Consider Your Options Album
    The War Starts Tonight
    Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure
    By All Means
    When It Ends
    She's So Hollywood
    He Sees An Angel
    Consider Your Options
    My Nightmare
    We Are
    This System
    Bruised And Bleeding
    The Giving Tree
    Aim To Destroy

  • The Perfect Plan In Imperfect Hands Album
    Through The Fire
    Out Of Focus
    The Perfect Plan
    The Bad Samaritan
    Aim To Destroy
    When No One's There
    You Want Me Back
    Faded Memories
    Burning Bridges And Digging Holes
    Not Giving In
    Something To Say
    With Baited Breath
    The Imperfect Hands

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