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Lead singer Question Mark, whose real name was actually Rudy Martinez, his brother Robert Martinez, and Frank Lugo, were all born in Texas and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. Bobby Balderrama was born in O'Donnell, Texas, and raised largely in Saginaw, Michigan; while Frank Rodriguez was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan. Despite his claims of being born in either Mexico or on Mars, Texas is the real birthplace of the enigmatic ?, or "Q," to his friends. The group was originally formed under a different name in Saginaw and consisted of Frank Rodriguez, Jr. on keyboards, Larry Borjas on guitar, drummer Robert Martinez, and Bobby Balderrama. They started to play in Adrian, Michigan around 1964. Group members Larry Borjas and Robert Martinez were also original members of the band but they were drafted into the US Army and were on active duty in Germany when the first album was recorded.; they were replaced by Eddie Serrato and bass player Frank Lugo.

Now centered out of the Flint, Michigan and the Valley area, ? and the mysterians had been playing out for a while. Things began to really pick up for them when the played a song titled "96 Tears" at the local teen hot spot Mt. Holly. The group had originally called the song "69 Tears," but had decided to change its name to "96 Tears" due to concerns that if they recorded the number under the original title they could risk losing radio air play.

The song was eventually recorded at in Bay City, Michigan using a Farfisa and a Vox organ. There were 750 copies of the song pressed on their manager's Pa-Go-Go label. The song was played on some regional radio stations such as WTAC in Flint and CKLW in Detroit (which actually broadcast form Canada), and requests to play it again began to come in to the radio stations in large numbers. Seeing it's potential, Neil Bogart with the Cameo label approached the boys and a deal was struck to produce more pressings. The song quickly became a classic of its genre and a million seller. It reached No. 1 in the US and No. 37 in the UK.

The group enjoyed its brief status as one of the most popular rock-and-roll bands in America in 1966. They released their first full-length album, "96 Tears," on Cameo and in late 1966 they had their second single "I Need Somebody" enter the charts, where it peaked at number 22. The band took on an air of mystery. Lead singer Martinez wore sunglasses when performing, recording, or being interviewed or photographed. He went to court and had his name changed legally from Rudy Martinez to ? (not "Question Mark," his name actually is "?" to this day). Subsequent singles and an album, "Action", did not have good sales. The group drifted to other labels such as Capitol, Super and Chicory and by 1968 it had run its course. Martinez has made various attempted reformations. A 45 was issued in 1973 and new demos were recorded with Kim Fowley in 1978. They also played a reunion concert at the Dallas Arcadia in 1984. The short-lived Michigan band Inflight was formed by Bobby in the 70's, but did not include any other ex-Mysterians.

In 1980 "96 Tears" was covered by Garland Jeffreys and became a minor hit. As mentioned, the group had a reunion in Dallas in 1984 and worked as the opening act for Joe "King" Carrasco. Most of what I know about the band members' origins were originally taken from info revealed around the time period of this reunion show. However, more recent conversations with the band members have provide me with the more accurate info I've listed at the beginning of the bio.

The original members of ? and the Mysterians still played together occasionally in the 90's, but have since stopped. They maintain that the group never actually broke up at all. It is rumored that they are in fact in the process of fixing up the original "96 Tears" album for re-release. Don't hold your breath - see below for details.

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St. Vincents Home in Saginaw, MI | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/14

I lived there from 1963 - 1968 and I remember hearing a band playing right next door (96 tears) and was told that it was Question Mark and the Mysterians. Not sure if this is correct but it would be nice to know!!

Is Rudy Martinez still living? | Reviewer: anon | 8/11/13

Interesting that there is no Wikipedia biography on Rudy Martinez (aka Question Mark), and I read somewhere that he died a few years ago.
Is this urban legend? And why no bio on this guy?

I Saw You Rudy Perform in My Hometown in 1994 | Reviewer: tom | 8/12/09

rudy i saw you live in person in my hometown in Stamford,Connecticut live on stage during an oldies but goodies show. You were fantastic. you looked great. what a singer and youre still a great singer and 96 tears i just loved. you went solo. you brought the house down. ill always remain your longtime faithful loyal fan. i followed your career during the late 60s . stay well and i hope you return to the Connecticut area again. id love to see you in person and thank you for the pleasure and happy memories you gave me in 94 and to millions of others over the years. Keep the soirit..forge on. Bless you 1000 years. Youre one in a million.Keep that luster and mystery about you for eternity. you owe it to us fans. Blessings. Tom

long time hello | Reviewer: Nancy ( Kitchen) formerly known as jim kitchens wife | 10/14/07

Trying to say a long time hello to you questionmark (Rudy)! Remember me? Nancy. I heard you might be touring Florida. I'm in West Palm. My email

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