Queers Albums

  • Today Album
    Yeah, Well, Whatever
    I Don't Want To Go To The Moon
    I've Had It With You
    I'm The Boy For You

  • Munki Brain Album (2/6/2007)
    Houston We Have A Problem
    I Don't Get It
    Duke Kahanamoku
    I Think She's Starting To Like Me
    Girl About Town
    Whatever Happened To Philthy Phil?
    I Can't Stay Mad At You
    Something In My Heart
    I'm A Fool
    Monkey In A Suit
    Brian Wilson

  • Pleasant Screams Album (4/16/2002)
    Get A Life And Live It Loser
    See You Later Fuckface
    I Wanna Be Happy
    Danny Vapid
    I Never Got The Girl
    It's Cold Outside
    Psycho Over You
    Generation Of Swine
    Tic Tic Toc
    I Don't Want You Hanging Around
    Molly Neuman

  • Beyond The Valley Of The Assfuckers Album (4/16/2000)
    Little Rich Working Class Oi-boy
    Strangle the Girl
    I'm Not a Mongo Anymore
    Stupid Fucking Vegan
    In With the Out Crowd
    I Wanna Know
    Journey to the Center of Your Empty Fucking Skull
    I Hate Your Fucking Guts
    Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)
    My Cunt's a Cunt
    I Just Called to say Fuck You
    Just Say Cunt

  • Punk Rock Confidential Album (4/16/1998)
  • A Day Late and a Dollar Short Album (4/16/1996)
  • Don't Back Down Album (4/16/1996)
  • Move Back Home Album (4/16/1995)
  • Beat Off Album (4/16/1994)
  • Love Songs For The Retarded Album (4/16/1993)
  • Grow Up Album (4/16/1990)

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