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FORMED: 1981, Bellevue, WA

I stood mesmerised at Seattle's Moore Theatre, the full
breath of Queensryche spiralling info focus before me as
they performed their "Empire". In 1990 the song represented
everything spectacular about one of hard rock's premier
bands in a landscape of costumed imagery. The Seattle
quintet refused to sacrifice their integrity for fashion.
Thus commanding sold-out arenas by their own rules.
"Empire" was a political statement from a band who weren't
afraid to stretch their musical muscles beyond the More...

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Review about Queensryche songs
Losing my Country | Reviewer: Bill ( Revolution ) Dobbin
    ------ About the song Revolution Calling performed by Queensryche

That is such a cool f**ken song,I ride around town blasting that song.It needs to happen to get this country back,we are losing it big fucken time.Just say the word and I'm there.

Silent Lucidity "A Song With Many Meanings" | Reviewer: Ron
    ------ About the song Silent Lucidity performed by Queensryche

I have been reading all the different ways that this song has inspired and helped people through various situations. These lyrics can and are interpreted differently to each person according to their circumstances in their lives. It has helped them get through some tough and sorrowful times. To those who say it is about lucid dreams ONLY, than to you that's what it is. I've researched and have not read anything from the song's writer what his take is on the lyrics. To most of what I have read, it is a comfort to them in their individual circumstance and the lyrics have brought peace and comfort to them in their time of need. What I do know is........it's a beautiful song.

Spiritual message | Reviewer: bugeye
    ------ About the song Silent Lucidity performed by Queensryche

I have collected all my songs into several of my best folders and without question this song rises to the top in every one-it is the best one with real true spiritual meaning for me. I believe that this song has a higher power message for me to take with me each day and be able to share with family-now and later?. What an accomplishment by Queensryche and that I get to listen to this song whenever I need.

Great Band!!!.....What Went Wrong??? | Reviewer: Tony Smith
    ------ About the song I Don't Believe In Love performed by Queensryche

I Have always Loved "Queensryche" And have seen them many times in concert. Seeing Operation: Mindcrime "LIVE" was the greatest concert I have ever seen! Empire was an awesome Album but after that what happened? These guys have SO much talent and I would LOVE to see them again on stage! I know Geoff Tate is no longer with the band and that SUCKS! It's so sad to see this band fall apart after all the great lyrics and music they have done! Best of luck to them all! I will listen to the album Operation:MindCrime over and over and NEVER get tired of it!!!!

Yup | Reviewer: Clockmaker
    ------ About the song I Don't Believe In Love performed by Queensryche

Don't forget this track is part of Operation Mindcrime. It really is about Nicki having lost Mary. But really we can extrapolate the lyrics and apply them to anyone who's ever lost a loved one (not necessarily that they died mind you, they simply need to have left our life one way or another).

great song | Reviewer: Narasha
    ------ About the song I Don't Believe In Love performed by Queensryche

this song is AWESOME!!!!!!!when i was really little i was with my dad when my mom was working and she used to work 5 days a week but they cut her back a lot so she quit two years ago.my dad listened to queensryche a lot so when i hear a song by them sometimes ill reconize it like jet city woman.this song really is awesome but i think a lot of songs are.the day before yesterday i had eyes of a stranger stuck in my head at school for no reason and i was listening to the retro rock channel on t.v. and it came on.by the way im 12 now.

this song is AWESOME!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Eyes of a Stranger performed by Queensryche

i had this stuck in my head yesterday at school and when i got home i listened to the retro rock channel and this came on.i thought that was wierd.sometimes i will hear a song and recoonize it like with jet city woman and talk dirty to me.my dad listened to a lot of queensryche when i was REALLY little so thats probably why it happens a lot with them.a lot of ongs i will just remember from when i was little.like im 12 and ive only heard cherry pie once since i was 1 or 2 but i still remember and like it.same with breakin the law except ive heard it a lot this year because the video is on demand.my 6 year old sister likes that too.she sings it and i want action and sweet little sister and white wedding.im not tsure about my 10 year old sister though.i like queensryche and my six year old sister likes i dont believe in love and i think a couple other ones by them.she likes a lot of the same stuff i do and its almost creepy.

    ------ About the song Silent Lucidity performed by Queensryche

I'm currently doing home hospice care for my wife. When I need a little help with my inner strength, this is the perfect song. When I have those moments of weakness, I make sure they happen while she's sleeping. But, I'm always there, every day and night. If I can't put the song on, I just play it in my head.

Queensryche did it to perfection. The vocals, the mix of guitar and orchestra in perfect balance...amazing.

Thank-you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Silent Lucidity performed by Queensryche

Thank-you. I suffer with mental health issues as well as chronic pain. Listening to this most beautiful song is the only time I am not hurting.I have been a Lucid Dreamer all my life, I thought there must be something wrong with me. Thanks for speaking out on the part of life we do not see with these physical eyes. Beautiful.Thank- you everyone!

silent lucidity | Reviewer: christine
    ------ About the song Silent Lucidity performed by Queensryche

this song has a very special meaning to me. i have dreams that are so realistic that i have a hard time determining if they are real or not. i get the dream control. after all the years of dreaming i have managed to do exactly that. it also has meaning to me about my children, that i will protect them through the night and be there there to see them through. i get it and every word of this wonderful song that speaks to my heart in so many ways. hope more do too.--christine from texas.

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