Queens Of the Stone Age Albums

  • ...Like Clockwork Album (6/4/2013)
    Keep Your Eyes Peeled
    I Sat By The Ocean
    The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
    If I Had A Tail
    My God Is The Sun
    Fairweather Friends
    Smooth Sailing
    I Appear Missing
    ...Like Clockwork

  • Era Vulgaris Album (6/12/2007)
    Turnin' On The Screw
    Sick, Sick, Sick
    I'm Designer
    Into The Hollow
    Misfit Love
    Battery Acid
    Make It Wit Chu
    3's & 7's
    Suture Up Your Future
    River In The Road
    Run, Pig, Run
    Bonus Tracks
    Running Joke
    Era Vulgaris
    The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died

  • Over The Years And Through The Woods Album (11/22/2005)
    Go With The Flow
    Regular John
    Monsters In The Parasol
    Tangled Up In Plaid
    Little Sister
    You Can't Quit Me Baby
    I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
    Leg Of Lamb
    I Think I Lost My Headache
    Burn The Witch
    A Song For The Deaf
    No One Knows
    Long Slow Goodbye

  • Lullabies To Paralyze Album (3/22/2005)
    This Lullaby
    Everybody Knows That You Are Insane
    Tangled Up In Plaid
    Burn The Witch
    In My Head
    Little Sister
    I Never Came
    Someone's In The Wolf
    The Blood Is Love
    Skin On Skin
    Broken Box
    You Got A Killer Scene There, Man...
    Long Slow Goodbye

  • Stone Age Complication Album (4/20/2004)
  • Songs For The Deaf Album (8/27/2002)
  • R Album (6/6/2000)
  • Queens of the Stone Age Album (9/22/1998)

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    Reviews about Queens Of the Stone Age albums

    awsome but... | Reviewer: amory
        ------ About the album Era Vulgaris performed by Queens Of the Stone Age

    This album is awsome but it's not as good or heavy as previous albums like songs for the deaf as exsample but is still very deep and gots great traks such as sick sick sick and 3's and 7's its a must own album but if your getting a Queens of a stone age album get Songs for the Deaf or Over the Years and Threw the woods live CD/DVD

    amazing | Reviewer: stacey
        ------ About the album Songs For The Deaf performed by Queens Of the Stone Age

    This album is totally awesome and it rocks eyond belief. it really is one of my favorite bands ever, if you get a chance go see them live, they are so worth it. But this is a great album if you like pure rock fury.

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