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Namie Amuro Queen of Hip-Pop Lyrics

Last updated: 07/19/2005 11:00:00 AM

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Lyrics & Music TIGER/Nao’ymt

got to know my name N.A.
the finest in the game
watch me do my thang
… Ain’t nobody stoppin’ me

yume miteta n' ja nai
sonna amakunai life
shitsudzuketeru wa fight
keep my head up to the sky
dare yori tsuyoi my pride
kazoekirenai prize
toki ni wa troublesome night
soredemo not gon' cry

I'm on top oitsukenai
I'm so hot machigai nai
I can't stop shibararenai
that's my way (Ain't nobody stoppin' me)

* U feel the heat sou yo konna beat
tada no dream? chigau kore wa real
shinjinai naraba kiete please
Cuz I'm a Queen of Hip-Pop

** U feel the heat tsureteku wa so deep
tada no freak? chigau I'm for real
shinjitai naraba rock with me
Yes I'm a Queen of Hip-Pop

yume wo miru n' ja nai
te ni suru no ga style
kowaku nanka nai
keep yo head up to the sky
mamotte sono pride
muda ni shinaide time
shinjite you're so fine,
never run, never hide

I'm on top tsuite koreru?
I'm so hot machigai naku
I can't stop noboritsumeru that's my way
(Ain't nobody stoppin' me)

*, ** repeat

sou tashika ni even a queen gets lonely too
But sou koko made I stand alone so do u
just trust in yourself

(Ain't nobody stoppin' me)

*, ** repeat

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