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FORMED: 1971, London, England

1968: Smile
In 1968, Brian May and Tim Staffell, both students at
Imperial College, decided they wanted to form a group.
Brian placed an advertisement on the college notice board
for a "Ginger Baker type" drummer, and a young medical
student called Roger Taylor auditioned and got the job.
They called the group Smile. Smile were signed to Mercury
Records in 1969, and had their first experience of a
recording studio in Trident Studios that year. Tim Staffell
was at Ealing College of Art More...

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Review about Queen songs
Addictive | Reviewer: Drya
    ------ About the song The Millionaire Waltz performed by Queen

I'm a BeeGees fan, but I need to admit, this song is so addictive and i fell in love with it, shows you many never-heart chords and a lot of relaxing feeling

to love for all.

Bismillah | Reviewer: Les Waggoner
    ------ About the song Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Queen

Bismillah seems better interpreted as "In the name of Allah" or as a Christian interpretation, "In the name of God" in which case we translate the following
Bismillah, no! We will not let you go.
In the name of God, no! We will not let you go.

Bismillah | Reviewer: Andy Moslem..
    ------ About the song Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Queen

Bismillah = With the name of Allah, (Allah, the god of everything, God of nature,...including us, believe it or not, you will believe when you have gone)
Bismillah, no! We will not let you go... Freddie didn't know the meaning of Bismillah. Impossible Freddie to let the God to go.. somewhere, because everything is properties of Allah, we just renting for a moment....

We Are The Champions | Reviewer: Polly Ann Bailey
    ------ About the song We Are The Champions performed by Queen

I totally love this song When the Seahawks won the super bowl this played a lot on the radio and I feel such pride when I hear this song..LOVE LOVE LOVE this song

Yeah good hands in the lyrics | Reviewer: Eric burdon
    ------ About the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love performed by Queen

There is saddest thing human being has is lonelyness.human moves from place to place for crazy thing called love.time waits wait for none and it will not wait for me mick jagger.enk quatro tray

reply to youngest fan of queen | Reviewer: @AnFarrokh
    ------ About the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love performed by Queen

Just found it..
I love your comment, honey :
"Anyone that thinks Freddie Mercury and Queen are stupid, you are truly the stupid one"
I'd like to know you more, d'you have any tweet acc. ? Find me there (@AnFarrokh)

God is Freddie's last judge not man. | Reviewer: Annette
    ------ About the song Jesus performed by Queen

I love the band Queen. There was something about Freddie that I saw in him. He had a heart after God even though he knew he was in sin. But if you ever look at his videos, there is never a moment that Freddie wouldn't put his arms up to heaven and face up as though he was honoring God. I believe he recieved Jesus into his heart and I believe that when he departed this earth, Jesus recieved him into loving arms. We all fall short of God's glory, but we have a chance to whole heartedly repent and ask God to forgive us. Who are we to judge? The bible says, Jesus held a stone in His hand and said, "If any of you are without sin, then cast the first stone". They all dropped the stones and walked away.

Sounds like Queen | Reviewer: Christian
    ------ About the song The Great Pretender performed by Queen

It sounds a lot like a Queen song. In fact, it was included on their Greatest Hits III album. It also sounds like May and Taylor did some backing vocals. Taylor actually appears in the video. Deacon didn't appear on this as far as I know (he rarely sang)

i can't even. | Reviewer: Burpie
    ------ About the song The Millionaire Waltz performed by Queen

This song is perfect in every way. The guitar solo, the bass line, just... Ugh the feels! Freddie sings with his soul!

And I love how there's a feeling of hope and the end of the song :'-)

Innuendo in search of truth | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song Innuendo performed by Queen

I guess the song is searching for the truth,the purpose of existence but sad they never did.its powerful that's why Queen is the greatest band that ever existed.if John Lennon has imagine then Queen has Innuendo.

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