Queen Albums

  • The Cosmos Rocks Album (10/28/2008)
    Cosmos Rockin'
    Time To Shine
    Still Burnin'
    We Believe
    Call Me
    Some Things That Glitter
    Through The Night
    Say It's Not True
    Surf's Up... School's Out!

  • Greatest Hits III Album (11/9/1999)
    Another One Bites The Dust
    Driven By You
    Heaven For Everyone
    Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
    Let Me Live
    Living On My Own
    No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
    Princes Of The Universe
    Somebody To Love
    Thank God It's Christmas
    These Are The Days Of Our Lives
    The Great Pretender
    The Show Must Go On
    Too Much Love Will Kill You
    Under Pressure
    You Don't Fool Me

  • Queen Rocks Album (11/4/1997)
    Fat Bottomed Girls
    Hammer To Fall
    I'm In Love With My Car
    It's Late
    I Can't Live With You
    I Want It All
    Keep Yourself Alive
    No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
    Now I'm Here
    One Vision
    Put Out The Fire
    Seven Seas Of Rhye
    Sheer Heart Attack
    Stone Cold Crazy
    Tear It Up
    Tie Your Mother Down
    We Will Rock You

  • Queen In Nuce Album (11/21/1996)
    Step On Me
    Polar Bear
    Mad The Swine
    I Can Hear Music
    Going Back
    April Lady

  • Made In Heaven Album (11/7/1995)
  • At The BBC Album (3/7/1995)
  • Greatest Hits II Album (2/1/1995)
  • Five Live Album (2/1/1993)
  • Greatest Hits Album (9/15/1992)
  • Live At Wembley '86 Album (6/2/1992)
  • Classic Queen Album (3/10/1992)
  • Queen II Album (10/22/1991)
  • Night At The Opera Album (9/3/1991)
  • Game Album (7/17/1991)
  • Jazz Album (6/17/1991)
  • Day At The Races Album (3/5/1991)
  • News Of The World Album (3/4/1991)
  • Sheer Heart Attack Album (3/4/1991)
  • Innuendo Album (2/5/1991)
  • Miracle Album (6/6/1989)
  • The Freddie Mercury Album (6/1/1987)
  • Live Magic Album (11/1/1986)
  • Kind Of Magic Album (6/3/1986)
  • Works Album (2/28/1984)
  • Hot Space Album (5/25/1982)
  • Flash Gordon Album (1/27/1981)
  • Live Killers Album (6/26/1979)
  • Queen Album (9/4/1973)

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    Reviews about Queen albums
    the first but not the last | Reviewer: Tracy Ratelle
        ------ About the album Queen performed by Queen

    This is Queens first album, that was ignored. It is a heavier band at this time, with greats songs as Keep yourself alive, King rat, Lair, and modern times of rock'n'roll, which was sung by Roger Taylor. you got your slow songs like Doing alright, which starts almost psychidelic, but then get's heavier while the song goes. You got the sabbath heavy Son and Daughter that is a good song,but strange lyrics, the night comes down is a sappy ballot that fails everywhere in the song, can't give them shit about this since it's the first relese and all. Jesus is a corny song and feels like a b side or something,nice heavy middle though, and then we got almost one minute of the Seven Seas of Rye,but this is just a tease to what they will do on the next album.

    "HOT SPACE" The Story of Queen's Downfall: | Reviewer: Steffan Pila
        ------ About the album Hot Space performed by Queen

    After surviving the transition to the 1980's and becoming the most successful rock band for 10 years, Queen made an album that dramatically change their course of history aptly titled "Hot Space." To me, in my opinion, "Hot Space" is truly Queen's downfall of their Classic Queen career. To me, it's not their worst album, but it is the least album. "Hot Space" is best known for the song "Under Pressure" but there's more outstanding gems on this album including "Staying Power", "Action This Day", "Put Out The Fire", "Life Is Real (Song For Lennon", and "Las Pamblas De Amor." To me, Hot Space would been Queen's greatest 80's treasure album if it wasn't for the demise of disco that ultimately lead to Queen's unfortunate & perhaps unnesscary downfall. Hot Space does indeed pale in comparsion to some classic 70's album "Queen II", "Sheer Heart Attack", "A Night At The Opera", and "News Of The World." Hot Space may have been Queen's least successful album since QUEEN II and perhaps the dramtatic slow of sales which led to the failure of Hot Space. However, Hot Space does prove that Queen went down as becoming of the most greatest Successful Rock N' Roll bands in the legendary history of Rock N' Roll. So Hot Space, to every Classic Queen fan out there, is perhaps the low point of their ultimate Classic Queen Career.

    Cosmos rock album | Reviewer: Dindo Dajao
        ------ About the album The Cosmos Rocks performed by Queen

    Cosmos rock album, for me, is not a queen album coz' you cannot feel the spirit or the taste of queen's music. Brian May also is not working with guitar section the style of your solo in cosmos album is not a queen licks because i know you didn't give all your best in that album. thanks,
    (note) it's only my perception

    made in a rush.. | Reviewer: saj ditta
        ------ About the album Made In Heaven performed by Queen

    no im sorry m i h just did not work,there many tracks left out from the miracle and innuendo they should of used those tracks,the 4 new tracks were great but they trully messed up 2 versions of beutifull day and that ambience rubbish at the end wat on earth was dat,mixing seven seas with that final trak was a true shambles,the whole concept album cover trak selection was wrong ok we know u couldnt outdo innuendo but wat was goin on here,even stuff from magic demoes and freddies solo dat could of worked just shows without freddie wat goes on,iv been a queen fan well over 25years i found it appaling they could of done new version of tie ur momma down with al 3 on vocals freddies live 86 tour vocals could of worked easily thay got the tech,that would of bin a great fresh opener ending with single version of beutifull day that was released with heaven4everyone,,al iknow it felt like a weight on there shoulders and jus didnt realy commit2it as thay should its not like wat came in thier solo tours was super or bigger,well dats my honest opinion its taken 14years to get it off my bleeding chest guess it was worth it..there u have it.

    classic rock | Reviewer: saj ditta
        ------ About the album Innuendo performed by Queen

    what can 1 say bout innuendo its like leaving note to a departing love,it truly was thee final true queen album jus cant fault it,freddie@band give it al u can easily hear thee instruments rocking like a volcano forcing headlong ahead..innuendo goes through several changes during the musical play,what a wonderfull album indeed how freddie does it it just goes beyond me..u really hear it all its like every instrument vocal drum bass guitar doesnt want it end,the pain every note the feel man wat can i say ican go on and on.....

    best Cd ever! | Reviewer: lexi
        ------ About the album Day At The Races performed by Queen

    I love this album. It has some of their slower songs ( Terra tortierre) i think that's how you spell it , but i consider even the slow songs to be classics and i can sing to them all ! Get this cd and listen to it! queen fans won't be displeased !
    I love queen :)

    The last Innuendo of the Queen | Reviewer: Charlz
        ------ About the album Innuendo performed by Queen

    Such a magnificent title for such a manificent album, that is nothing but an innuendo, an innuendo of the last breath of air the Queen of Rock could enjoy, and was so enjoyed.
    Queen in al the extention of the word, in the guitars, in the drums, in the bass, in the lyrics, in the voice of the one who would rest in peace forever, the last tribute from Freddie Mercury, a tribute to their fans, a tribute to the life and most of all a tribute to the Rock'N'Roll.
    The last Innuendo of the Queen, at the end, the best way to say goodbye, but you know what they say: "The show must go on"

    queen/ at the beeb | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album At The BBC performed by Queen

    queen did not release this album in 1995.If i can remember it was in 1989. kevin james russell

    A real night at the opera | Reviewer: Daniel Somohano
        ------ About the album Night At The Opera performed by Queen

    This album is a real CLASSIC! a must-have… I have no doubt that this is not only one of the greatest Queen albums, but one of the greatest in the history of music… I was eight when I first listen to it and it really shocked me, even now I can't imagine how these guys get to compose this stuff… there's plenty of music genres on it… Is an album I will always remember and with most influence on me… I hardly recomended this album… Ev'ry time I get to hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the radio I stayed like is there were somethin' missin' I can hear that song by itself, that is the cherry in the cake… the grand finalle for such an exquisite album…

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