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Beck Que Onda Guero Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2009 10:00:00 AM

Qué onda guero?
Qué onda Jose?

See the vegetable man
In the vegetable van
With a horn that's honking
Like a mariachi band
In the middle of the street
People gather around
Put the dollar-dollar-dollar in the can
Ay güey!, que onda?
TJ cowboys hang around
Sleeping in the sidewalk
With a Burger King crown
Never wake 'em up
Mas cerveza
Til the rooster crows
Vatos de gallos
Qué onda guero?
Qué onda guero?
Qué onda guero?
Qué onda guero?

Mano Blancos roll with crowbars
singing rancheras on cheap guitars
Abuelitas with plastic bags
Walking to the church with the Spanish candles
Dirty borracho says 'que putas!'
Andale, Joto, your popsicle's melting
Run better run, da doo run run
Mara Salvatrucha in the midnight sun
Guero, where are you going?
Qué onda guero?
Guero, where are you going?
Qué onda güero?

Rampart boys with loaded rifles
Guatemalan soccer ball instant replays
Mango ladies, vendedoras
And a busstop singing
Banda macho chorus

Qué onda guero?
A donde vayas
Qué onda guero?
A donde vayas

¿Y donde encontrastes ese? en un hoyo
Alla en la Pico
Hey vamos a jugar futbol ahí en el Griffith park
La Pico and Vermont
La locura
Yeah now I'm going to LACC
I'm taking a ceramics class
See the vegetable man

James Joyce
Michael Bolton

Qué onda guero, where are you going?
Qué onda guero, where are you going?

Hey what's up guero?
"You doing pushups?"
No te veo guero!
El guero!
Que Pasa
Otra vero guero
I dunno I saw a puppet at Tang's
with a mullet and a popsicle.

Hey Guero
Que locura!

Hey Guero
Yeah Bro?
Hehehe, footlong?

Let's go to Cap'n Cork. They have the new yanni cassette

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awesome song, the spanish just makes it better. | Reviewer: that dude | 1/8/09

Yea... I have to agree, this song kicks ass!

To settle the spanish confusion in the comments... vayas is the tu form of ir conjugated in the present subjunctive. pretty much it just adds a little more ambiguity to 'a donde vas'. 'a donde vayas' can be loosely translated as "Where could you be going" as opposed to simply "Where are you going"

reply to someone | Reviewer: J | 12/30/08

vayas is a form of va which means go. A donde va means where are you going so a donde vayas must be the nostoros form of the word which I would then think is where are all of you going or something on that line.

Hnn? | Reviewer: Someone | 9/21/08

I'm trying to figure out what vayas means. I think that might be a typo. (Granted, I don't have the actual CD with the little lyric booklet so I'm not sure.) Could it be vas, but the note changes in the middle so it sounds like two syllables? That would make sense. ¿Que onda, guero? ¿A donde vas?

Love this song, though. =)

THIS IS THE BEST BECK'S SONG | Reviewer: brd | 8/7/08

THIS IS THE BEST BECK'S SONG, EVER !!! Makes me wanna smile. it's so cool and the beat is smooth and crazy great! Ijust adore ho Beck sings this one, his Spanish sounds awesome! ПАРЧЕТО КЪРТИ МИВКИ!!! xD
Hey, селски Beck такъв, thanks 4 the cool music you make! Харабия, направо изби рибата, барабар с водолазите (пък и подводоплувите), с това парче! ХИХИХИ:)))))

Guero review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/05

dude, this whole cd is the shit. It's laid back but has a really cool feel to it. Beck and the dustbrothers did a kick ass job. perfect from start to finish

Superb! | Reviewer: James Ash | 4/13/05

Slow beat smooth voice song, with other than english lyrics. Get the single I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!