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Joe Budden Quality Of Life Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2011 10:00:00 AM

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Some niggers drink away the pain
I think away the game
And they have it so naturally you think is...
... beyond grain escape from that... of shame
... for a hole of fame... been...
Niggers want beef but keeping on with the challenge
Fin the balance... charming asshole
Tell him I feel the ice is forming in my...
Not even about the other person I am in love with her way and her pussy
She is in love... if we order in... I skip the club line...
Girl can make a high volume I don't turn them down
... I ain't rich my nigger but check the way...
Didn't be confused by the bentleys in the... a few resent me
But I am cool with it... before I knew what to do with it
... understand me when I am trying not to be complex... go get it
M future is now... that's the difference between good time
And a life time... some cool some silly some serious
They try to come up... do the pick up lines d... one week is in vegas...
If I cannot... I try to... too many chances to deposit
... the worse that I got you should reserve me a spot...
A life glance before my eyes is worth watching...
Thinking I was hoping... how come we ended up trusting each other...
We are just fucking each other
Nobody getting his. while we are bluffing each other
I could do. my problems you think I am showing of
I keep it quit my quality of lfe is...

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