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Abba Put On Your White Sombrero Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2011 10:00:00 AM

Put on your white sombrero
Saddle your horse my dear
And ride off into the sunset
You'd better go
For there is no
Place for you here
Like an old fashioned hero
You stand before me
You think our life is a movie
My world is real
I live and feel
And I can do without you

Put on your white sombrero
Your red bandana too
Think of this day as a showdown
Goodbye my friend
This is the end
For me and you
Now be a bold vaquero
Don't show your feelings
I'll cry while you're disappearing
Into the night
All dressed in white
Unchained and free, without me

Put on your white sombrero
Like all the cowboys do
Go find a sweet seƱorita
Somebody meek
Who'll never speak
Harshly to you
You're such a caballero
Proud, never bending
I want someone who will take me
Just as I am
I need a man
Who is in rhyme
With his time

You'll never take me
Just as I am
I need a man
Who is in rhyme
With his time

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Well written and beautifully sung! | Reviewer: TR | 3/2/11

This is one a small handful of songs ABBA produced before the members had gone their separate ways. Along with "I am the city", these songs had opened up a new chapter of sophistication that surely would have carried forward had ABBA continued to record together. As always, beautifully sung and richly embellished instrumentally. These days, so very much of the new music absolutely and completely pales in comparison.

About it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

I think its very special that abba opened their boundaries to crete great songs like this one. I was written inspired by the romantic spanish in countrys like Mexico. Fernando is also inpired by that. Thats what Bjorn Ulvaeus said in an interview. Thank you for the music, abba.