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Pushmonkey Biography

Last updated: 04/02/2009 12:00:00 PM

Tony Park - Lead vocals/trumpet
Darwin Keys - Drums/vocals
Will Hoffman - Guitar/vocals
Pat Fogarty - Bass/vocals
Howie Behrens - Guitar/vocals

Pushmonkey would be the first to tell you they抮e no overnight sensation. The current line-up has been together over four years, but the core of the group goes back almost tem. Midwesterner Tony Park moved to Texas when he was seven, where her went to high school with Houston native Howie Behrens, who grew up across the bayou from fellow Texan Darwin Keys. Park met Boston-born Will Hoffman and Dripping Springs, TX native Pat Fogarty at the University of Texas in Austin, where they were students.

Forming a group, the band began developing a strong local following from playing in Austin, then Houston and College Station. In 1994 the recorded a full-length label release, "Maize", which completely sold out, and in 1995 cut a three-song cassette to sell at their shows. One of the cassette songs, "Caught My Mind" began getting airplay at active rock station KLOL in Houston, and became the top performing track on their playlist for several months. It occupied their #1 spot twice during the Spring and Summer of 1996.