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Push Play Biography

Last updated: 06/20/2008

Push Play, a pop-rock band from Long Island, NY, has taken the world by force setting itself apart from any other band. Push Play is starting to receive worldwide attention through their myspace: which averages over 9,000 plays a day! “We are the new generation band and our music is a combination of rock, dance, pop and emotion! We take it all in and live and feel it and then kick it out,” says lead singer CJ Baran. “We believe in our music and our strong ties with our fans! We know what they want and we ALWAYS try to deliver,” adds Steve Scarola, lead guitarist, who also plays the keyboard for many of the songs on their new album.

Push Play is made up of 4 young rockers: CJ Baran, lead singer, rhythm guitarist, key boards, Steve Scarola, lead guitarist, keyboards, Nick Deturris, bass guitar and Derek Ries, drummer. They joined forces a year and a half ago and have set on a path to creating all their own very edgy pop music. “We appeal to the masses,” says Derek Ries, drummer, the only one in the band of college age. “There are young kids out there that love us and there are grandmas out there grooving to our music. It’s pretty awe inspiring when you know that you have such a terrific age span that can relate! We like it.” Ries was recently contacted by Modern Drummer to write a blog on their page which will be featured in March. “It’s really terrific to be recognized and featured in Modern Drummer. With endorsements to follow, I know we’re on the right track!”

Push Play released their debut album, "Deserted", on December 22nd, 2007. They SOLD OUT their release concert at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza! Their CD pre-orders have already topped 3,000, which is an awesome feat for a band that is not signed by a major label yet.
“We’re not worried about not being signed,” says Nick Deturris, bass guitarist. “We have been carrying ourselves for over a year with the help of our manager and things are looking just fine. Within 4 months we’ve become somewhat of a household name among our peers and it is terrific to have that kind of security,” Deturris adds.

Produced and engineered by Robert "Void" Caprio along with band member CJ Baran, "Deserted" is a musical journey through rock, pop and electronica with numerous memorable melodies, harmonies and driving, danceable rhythms.

Recently Push Play was interviewed by Popstar Magazine about their rise to fame. Accourding to CJ Baran, “We really care about our fans. We want them to know that the only reason we are where we are is because of them. That is why we consistently go the extra mile for a performance and also why we spend hours and hours on the myspace answering their many questions. It’s a full time job with a great deal of expense but we hope to one day be able to say that we are like the Rolling Stones...transcending time if you know what I mean.”

Other teen magazines that have interviewed Push Play include M Magazine, Twist and J-14! “It is only a matter of time before 9,000 plays on the myspace turn to 90,000,” marks Scarola.

Kudos for Push Play because this band IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK! Check out their new songs on or be a guest at their CD Release Concert and Afterparty and see what they are all about. These kids are tomorrow’s generation. The four of them have good heads on their shoulders and very wonderful intentions. Part of the proceeds of their debut album are directed to one of their pet charities on Long Island, Education and Assistance Corp(EAC).They plan to make their notoriety part of their “purpose campaign” and hope that their intentions mark them as role models for many.

Push Play will also be linked to the major motion picture, “Dreamers”, based on their single by the same name. They will be holding a casting call in the winter of 2008 and are running a contest for supporting female roles. These supporting role winners will be announced at their CD release concert and party. Follow their journey and you will be pleasantly appeased!