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Tear it down
Strip the layers off
My turpentine
Old paint, old looks
Cover up the past
White heat, white light
Super white bones
Bones of you and I

Pure if i... Can't you help me?
Pure if i... Won't you help me?
Purify you and i
Purify you and i
Purify... Can't you help me?
Purify... Won't you help me?
You and i purify
You and i purify

Truth and dare
Peeling back the skin
Acid wash
Ghost white
Ultra clean
Wanna be skeleton
Clear eyes
Diamond eyes
Strip the past of mine
My sweet turpentine
Super white bones
Bones of you and I

Pure if i... Can't you help me?
Pure if i... Won't you help me?
Purify you and i
Purify you and i
Pure if i... Can't you help me?
Pure if i... Won't you help me?
You and i purify
You and i purify

I can find the dirt on anything
I can find the dirt on anything

I ain't dancing with your skeletons
I, I ain't dancing with what might have been, no

Pure if i... Can't you help me?
Pure if i... Won't you help me?
Purify you and i
Purify you and i
Pure if i... Can't you help me?
Pure if i... Why won't you help me?
You and i purify
You and i purify
come on!, Purify

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Terrific | Reviewer: whoa | 1/1/14

How come one cannot like this song? This is pure RAW music and vocals at its best. One of the best songs of this album, expressing whatever anger they got. Do yourself a favor. Buy a 7-channel surround system in a small room, up the volume and hear this song for at least 10 times. Then you will know what purify is about and how greatly it's executed. Thumbs up, Metallica!

You people. | Reviewer: Voice of reason | 6/24/13

Granted metalman is obviously a moron, in his own way he is right. This is not the general idea people have when they think of Metallica, but that does not make it bad. And to all those who hate on him because of his review, grow up, everybody has their own opinion of music.

As for my opinion(might as well add it in here) I love this song, and the entire cd for that matter, as long as James is singing, its Metallica. And as long as its Metallica, its badass

Metalman... Holy shit... | Reviewer: Jarrod | 1/30/13

Call me childish, but I don't see if how your a hardcore fan of Metallica , how you can say you don't like one song or album. True fans keep their favorite bands back, haha. Okay, sorry, LuLu was pretty terrible! No doubt, "Metallica" was my favorite album, mainly because it has alot of hitting home, but I love the other albums just as well. Grow up "metalman "

This is fucking Anger!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

People, who don't like this album, I mean they don't have any idea what the good music is all about.

Almost every song in this album has its own way, the lyrics are good and the battery I like it.

In every song you can hear the anger, the rage. And it is different than all the other previous albums but it's original.

metalman F@%& you | Reviewer: Levy | 5/24/10

hahaha , I read your review, and I laughed my ass off for 2 reasons:
1. YOU CANT FUCKING SPELL!!! and people can say ''nobody spells correct on the internet'', but your a fucking shame to the language english. c'mon, you stupid motherfucker, you cant be this retarded and dumb at the same time. I mean, I am typing with my ps3, and I can spell correct. stupid little fuck. AND CAPATALIZE YOUR FUCKING I's!!!!!!!!!! your not the first person who I tell this, nonetheless , I will say it.
2. you are NOT the person to determine what Metallica is. and you dont know shit 'bout metal. I cant believe your name is"metalman". you'd better change your name to "jonasbrosman" . and I agree that ride and justice where better, but you should know that this is what they needed to make to express their musical desires. oh, sorry, your such a moron, you wont understand the word ''desire''. buy a dictionary, after all, being a gay escort must make a hell of a lot money.

90's idiots. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

Alright. I don't understand why people hate this album. Yes, its not a genuine Metallica sound, but there is more to it than that. The people who actually gave this album a chance grow to love it. To me this is the most inspirational album Metallica has ever made. It's such a raw fucking monster. I can't even put it in a genre; it has a genre of it's own. On my iTunes I put "Raw" for the genre of St. Anger. There is just no other way to describe it.

PURIFY KICKS @$$ !!!! | Reviewer: MetallicaFan4Life | 3/26/10

Dude why do people hate this album,I freakin love it!!!! and quit naggin on papa het dudes. He was goin through vocal training because of the vocal cord blowout in 91' or 92.' It weas durring the nowhere else to roam tour. so come on give him some slack. And I don't care that they didn't put any solos in this album. They made up for it in awesome and raw riffs and bridges. I think this is one of there most raw and hardcore sounds that they have ever had. And for all that said they hate load and reload as well...and are FANS of the dudes. then you know nothing about real metal music.

... | Reviewer: xerx | 3/25/09

Purify...St. Anger...a shitload of people don't like this album...a shitload of people don't like load/reload. Well I say they form a shithole. This song (album too) may sound bad to some people because it's not played in E. Ok, I admit that the trash cans were awful and it was kinda weird with no solos, but this album beat the crap out of all the 90's bands and some lyrics were absofuckinlutely amazing. And I liked Het's voice. For the haters, especially former Metallica "fans"...Stop being fuckin' hypocrites!

Nice song | Reviewer: Boky | 7/9/08

TOo bad there isn't a solo in the song. And what the hell is wrong with you people? How can you say that Load, Reload and St.Anger aren't ''Metallica''? They made it, so it's pure Metallica. You don't define what is Metallica, they do. Load and Reload were awesome, St. Anger was ok, it had some bad songs and some cool songs...like I said...too bad there weren't any solos.

purify | Reviewer: nick | 1/10/08

james does sing purify stupid guy who said he dosent and here is a video if u dont belive me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uK76ZwAXDg) and there is nothin wrong with his voice the lyrics just shit which metallica admitted to and promised there new album next album comming soon would not blow like this one.

------ About the song Purify performed by Metallica | Reviewer: Valley S. | 7/24/07

This song is okay I like that but they've better song I agree but don't argue this song you fucking idiot! =)

metallica rocks | Reviewer: martin | 7/21/07

purify is good u stupid guy who thought is was boring dammit and there might not be a solo but its still good and james doesnt sing that well cause hes like 41 in that album and the first metallica albums were better i agree and they werent metal they were speed/trash mettal the new are metal and there is also kirk hammet that sing background lyrics ne ways first guy that agrees is awsome thank u first dude

PURIFY!! | Reviewer: Will Capps | 7/10/07

This song kicks ass, one of the best ones on St.Anger. Any one who thinks differently obviously dosnt know what they are talking about when it comes to Metal Music.

not master of puppets | Reviewer: metalman | 6/20/07

(not master of puppets).this song..is not very good.there is no solos(like in the whole album)!james sings not very good i think,and it has a bad sound.well...i am one of them who likes the old music most i think.st.anger,load and reload are just not metallica.Maybe metallica,but not good metal!i dont like it much.i have heard the new songs.sounds good!hope they get it right this time.

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