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Saint Etienne Puppy Love Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2000 09:58:43 PM

And they call it "puppy love", /
but I guess they'll never know /
how the young heart really feels /
and why I love her so. /

And they say we ??? /
but I guess I'll never know /
??? /
in the saunas(?) of a soul. /

I'll cry each night [laughing] / my tears for you [laughing] /
my tears are all in vain. /
I hope and I pray / that maybe some day /
you'll be back in my arms once again. [dog barks] /

Someone help me, / help me, / help me please: /
is the answer up above? /
'cause its been so very hard for me, /
though they call it "puppy love." /