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Magic Puff Puff Lyrics

Last updated: 04/12/2001 04:42:24 AM

Here's that fire shit right here
Here's that top of the line Cali
Ya heard me?
Hey brother it's that fire you aint gotta do all that just smoke him up iight K kno pass it
You gonna learn how to use that rotation dogg
It's like this..

Chorus 4X

Puff Puff pass the shit
Hurry up that's doja bitCh
You used to smoking that regular shit
So hurry up and pass it

Pass me the dope man and let me smoke,
high as a kite and I'm bout to Choke
I'm so loaded it's hard to Cope,
seems like everything is a joke
Moving in slow motion, ChroniC is the potion
got me with the feeling I need
I just wanna smoke all day, sippin Cran and tangeraie
with my windows down hollerin' at people from 'round my way
(Wassup ni66a) hit this I'm with the good shit
I'm through with smoking bullshit
I gotta ConneCt, that's full in effeCt, and that's our little seCret
I ain't gonna lie my troubles over, help me put down my revolver
it gotta be good anytime that I Can smoke it with my father
It never harmed a soul even tho some people say it do
I never heard of no one dying over weed and that's the fuCking truth
So I'ma smoke and I'ma smoke until the day I fuCking die
very seldom you will CatCh me without a gloss in my eye
Smelling like a pound of indonesia, that other shit will tease ya
you need something to please ya, send you into seizures

Chorus 4X

Smoking on that fire, really get's me higher,
keep my fuCking mind at ease
sinCe I been smoking on dat doja,
I Can't keep my Composure, Can you roll another one please?
My moma don't like it but I'm a grown man,
and she just don't understand
that when I'm red I'm a better man, but still bout my Cheddar man
I went to JamaiCa and smoked myself Crazy with my lady
trying to make a baby, right after C-Murder paid me
My habit is a zone a week, yea its illegal but it keeps me peaCe
so why in the fuCk the poliCe keep on trippin on me?
I aint bout no trouble when I'm high,
you think Im gon fight shit I'm too tired
You Can Cuss me out I look in your faCe and pass you by
If I was the president I'd make this shit legal
Cause if everybody was high then nobody would think of evil
Am I ever gonna quit this shit? Man you gotz to be jokin'
As a matter of faCt please excuse me while I'm smokin'

Chorus 4X

Let me see the lighters of all the smokaz
Every smoka put yo lighter in the air
Its time to smoke
Everybody lets get high at the same time
On the Count of three
Thanks to Kyle aka. ~G.H.O.S.T~ DeuCe DeuCe Cuzz for submitting Puff Puff Lyrics.