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Like all long-term projects, Psychostick has evolved into
its current form through many years and members to get
where it is today. Not unlike Godzilla and other Japanese
monsters from the 1950’s, it didn’t just appear one day to
try and take over the world. It took lots of mutation and
toxic waste, for Godzilla anyway. Psychostick didn’t
exactly become what it is from radiation and living
underground, but close enough. To start our journey of
learning, we will start in the little town of Odessa, TX.
Evidently, it is home to the More...

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Submit Psychostick New Lyrics

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This song rules! | Reviewer: Josh
    ------ About the song Why, Oh, Why? performed by Psychostick

I love this song.. my girlfriend of 6 years just up and left me for another guy... shes a fucking slut... I heard this song and it actually made me chuckle quite a bit, so thank you for writing this song. I happen to be a guy with a heart that just ends up finding the wrong females... why do all went turn out to be whores? I will NEVER understand that... Anyway.. GREAT SONG!

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