Prussian Blue Lyrics

Lamb and Lynx Gaede are two 13 year old twin sisters who
are also known as the band Prussian Blue.

Recently they received international media attention
because Prussian Blue is a White Pride band. The songs they
the girls sing reflect their White Nationalist beliefs.
Today, if you are White ,and proud to be White , it is
considered Politically Incorrect by the media. The music
that Prussian Blue performs is intended for White people.
They hope to help fellow Whites come to understand that
love for one’s race is a beautiful gift that More...

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Review about Prussian Blue songs
They were forces of light. | Reviewer: The Truth.
    ------ About the song The Snow Fell performed by Prussian Blue

The only reason why Germany didn't win the war,and didn't defeat
Russia,was because the USA,gave war supplies,and support to Russia,
everyone forgets that both Germany and Russia invade Poland.
France and The UK,declared war on both countries,but some reason,they,
went into talks with Russia,but not Germany. It was Russia,that had cause,
lots of the problems the had face since the ending of WW2. So call Uncle Joe,
really want to turn all of Europe into commies,The UK,and France.
Let not forget Uncle Joe kill anywhere from 30-60 million,or more.
Maybe even over 100 million,and counting,just think of all the countries that became,
red after WW2. I am sure mre than a few if them Jewish,so why doesn't the Jew go after
Russia for money for payment to the Jews,that were murdered after WW2,by countries
that were under Russia? Because Russia would tell them,that's nice,so what,now what?
Thank you,so why is Germany,has still paid for what happen in WW2?
Lets not forget,that FDR,were not a fan of the Jews either.

You're all stupid. | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Aryan Man Awake performed by Prussian Blue

You're all just terrible, stupid people. Learn to love each other. Every race has bad people. People who talk about white pride need to stop. America isn't yours. We came and took it from it's native people. If you want to have pride for YOUR country, have pride for England or France or wherever you're from. America isn't yours. If you claim it as yours you have to let African Americans, Native Americans, and all other races who are present in the US claim it.

The Life and Lies of Lamb and Lynx | Reviewer: Elle Allio
    ------ About the song Victory Day performed by Prussian Blue

I strongly suggest watching their five piece documentary on youtube. Today, these girls say they were traumatized by their dictator of a mother and are, today, libralists. Keep in mind, please, that these girls were twelve years old when they began this band. Now at age twenty, Lynx suffered through cancer, and Lamb has severe scoliosis. They have changed immensely. I'd like to recommend that you do not speak out on issues which you are uneducated on.

Why are you all fighting,.. | Reviewer: Panzermeyer
    ------ About the song Panzerlied performed by Prussian Blue

over a great song that has nothing to do with anything of any Nationality.It's Lyrics arent even remotely about any one race.It's ALL about tanks and their crews.Nothing more.Have you read the lyrics?? When I was in the US Army,I used to work on tanks,their turrets. There were times I'd hear someone pipe up with this song,and singing it in German,to boot.It was so funny to hear it that way,sitting in Ft Lewis,Washington state.Lol! But,I loved it then,and I love it now.Stop being fools and just love a great song.

The Truth | Reviewer: Researcher
    ------ About the song Victory Day performed by Prussian Blue

Everyone seems to be hating these two girls. But how many of you know how they lived?

They were raised by their mother and grandfather, both neo Nazis. When they went to the beach their mum would get them to draw the hitler symbol in the sand. Their grandfather was the sign on his belt, had it painted on the side of his tractor and used it to brand his cattle.

Lamb and Lynx were not aloud to go to Public school because of the way nazis were frowned upon. Instead their mum homeschooled them and brought them up to think that hitler was just defending his race.

I think they were only about 12 when their mother told them to start Prussian Blue. April said if they didn't she would disown them. I'm sure at that young age you would not do anything that you knew would get you disowned by your mum.

Now Lamb and Lynx are older and are peace loving girls. They got there through the help of Marijuana.

Where are all the English teachers? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Victory Day performed by Prussian Blue

How come on every site I ever look at no one seems to be educated in grammer anymore? Ex: Your a racist. It's not, your a racist, it's you're racist. Another ex: It is there fault. It's not, it is there fault. It's, it is their fault. Personally I don't see anything wrong with separatism. If people don't like each other or don't want to deal with each other why not just divide the country up. Have a section for people that want a diverse community and have other areas that are for just whites, blacks, etc. The people that are caught committing a crime against someone that isn't their race when they get out of jail they can no longer live in the diverse section they have to live in a the section that is for their race. This way they won't have the opportunity to commit race hate crimes. I would love to live in an area that is all white because I'm tired of how whites are treated. Everyone is different but deserves equal rights until you do something to have your rights taken away. If you're not white you get special rights today. But when whites are discriminated against nothing is done because the blacks are just playing a game saying they can't be racist and whites are allowing them to get away with it. Everyone is outraged when a black person suffers a racial crime but when the blacks do it no one confronts them. Where are the good blacks in all of this? Why aren't they speaking up? Look up Beat Whitey Night. Then you wonder why some whites are tired of blacks? They manipulate whites into thinking they're racists. Any other race it would be looked at as looking out for themselves and having a right to be angry. Whites are so scared of being called racist. Stop worrying about that. Just cause someone calls you racist doesn't make it so. Not all whites grew up with money. I was raised in poverty with no father or step-father or male influence at all. All the other races can have a group for support but if whites do it blacks automatically cry racism. They know better than that. They're just manipulating the white race hoping to put an end to whites. Except for having some white women around for sex and some white men to make some white women. Not all blacks are like this but where are they when the whites need them? They don't speak out against blacks that are racist. Maybe they just don't care. Where I live blacks make up about 20% of the population. Yet they are about 80% of the crime. Now let's say half of them were railroaded that still makes them 40% of the crime. If you're 20% of the population you should also only be committing 20% of the crimes. Why the imbalance? Because alot of blacks act uncivilized and they get away with it because of the race card. I've always felt bad about the slaves(by the way all races have been slaves and slavery still goes on in the world today against all races). My ancestors who came her legally didn't come here until way after slavery was abolished but somehow it's their fault and my fault? I don't think so. It's to bad the slaves were brought here and treated bad. If they weren't brought here in the first place I believe our country would be a much better peaceful place. They're always talking about peace but they really are the most violent out of control race we have in America. They're really the reason Ameica has been falling apart along with other reasons. How nice it would be not to live around them anymore. They make it sad to live here. Not all of them but I'd be glad to move away from them just so I could live my life in peace without fear. I hope Europe wakes up so they don't end up like us. It sounds like it's too late over there also. At least in Heaven people will have to get along and we won't need the solution of separatism. But here on earth I think it's a good solution.

For the literal Love of God! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Victory Day performed by Prussian Blue

Obviously they've been brainwashed by their mother or father. I believe in God, and I'm also an accomplished musician songwriter. Where are there souls going to end up? God made everyone in his likeness, and it would be so easy for me to "hate" them and call them names. But that's not what I'm called to do. I'm of Italian, both northern and southern as well as German origin. I was born here in the US, and whatever mix or race, color or creed, at the end of it all, we are all one people created by God for his glory. A huge melting pot, doesn't anyone get that yet? And yes I think the US is the best place to live, as immigrants try as they may to get into this country. Life's but a fleeting moment in time. Is everyone so short sighted in this world to think that our meager life, and the fast food me world we live in, think that's it when we leave this world? Don't think so, and although I consider myself a believer, I'm not perfect...but someone needs to tell these two young girls about the Good News, and make a joyful noise to the Lord. Not for themselves and especially not for the evil one, who wants to devour our very souls! My son is a hip hop artist yet his lyrics are steeped in spiritual and historical word play and metaphors...and his mom was Anglo! If everyone put as much into understanding how powerful the love of God really is, instead of hate mongers, this planet would be a much better place....all the way from the greedy Wall Street bankers who ruined our economy to a homeless person trying to get by. pce. ddv.

Forces of light and dark? Oh please. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Snow Fell performed by Prussian Blue

The soviets were shit, the Nazis were shit.
They spent years butchering each other, and nothing of value was lost.
I'm thankful both were strong as they were, because if it was lopsided, they wouldn't have wiped each other out the way they did. Now they're all laughable relics, and good riddance.

ummmm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Aryan Man Awake performed by Prussian Blue

I just read a review that said that the native americans should have let white people die in the first winter....
Um. were you not just complaining about racism? yet you make generalizations about whites. Honestly I am personally grateful towards the native americans for all that they did for us, and I'm sad about every atrocity that happened to them.
I'm sympathetic to the stories of the african slaves and i wish slavery had never happened.
I cringe at the horrors of the holocaust, and take note to never let ANYTHING like that happen again.
but at the same time, i am an aryan. I am NOT better than anyone else, i have NEVER thought that, and NOBODY in my family believes that.
That being said, I'm kind of sick of the whole "white man bad" philosophy. Please grow up. I did nothing to you. CURRENT happenings in america have been in benefit to minorities. My friends can get a shit ton of scholarships and grants simply because they are minority. I can't because I'm white.
is that right? i dont know and i dont care, because i would work my ass off either way.
I love all races. I love humanity. The only thing i cannot stand is ignorance. Please everybody, grow up and educate yourselves. And even if you don't agree with somebody else's opinion, can you change it? no. so accept it.

Wpww | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Weiss Weiss Weiss performed by Prussian Blue

Fuck all who mock and label these girls just because they sing of pride and love of their heritage. They have a Right to. So fuck all who are against freedom of speech. They can say what they want. I support you prussian blue.

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