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Prussian Blue Biography

Last updated: 07/24/2012 12:00:00 PM

Lamb and Lynx Gaede are two 13 year old twin sisters who are also known as the band Prussian Blue.

Recently they received international media attention because Prussian Blue is a White Pride band. The songs they the girls sing reflect their White Nationalist beliefs. Today, if you are White ,and proud to be White , it is considered Politically Incorrect by the media. The music that Prussian Blue performs is intended for White people. They hope to help fellow Whites come to understand that love for one’s race is a beautiful gift that we should celebrate.

Lamb was born first and Lynx was born six minutes later. They have a very close relationship but they are not identical and people who know them can tell them apart easily. When they were little they had a special language that only they could understand. Neither one is the leader or the follower, both of them are strong- willed and have minds of their own.

Lynx and Lamb grew up in the Central Valley of California on a ranch. They started riding ponies at an early age and competed in a few horseshows and even a local rodeo princess contest.

The girls enjoy hiking and playing with their dogs and other pets on the ranch. They also enjoy reading and of course music. The twins have been home schooled since they were in the first grade. They have also attended public school in Bakersfield, where they made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. ( At first the girl’s were a little apprehensive at attending public school but by the end of the semester had made many many friends and won several school awards.) Lynx was chosen to be part of the 2005 Kern County Honor Choir. At the end of the year Lamb was presented with an award for Outstanding Student of the Year in her History class. Lynx and Lamb also were members of a local swim team and participated in community theater where they made many great friends and a lot of good memories that they will always cherish.

Lynx and Lamb live with thier mom and stepdad and baby sister Dresden.

Lynx and Lamb started singing in 2001 at a Eurofest, which is a festival that celebrates all the great things about our European culture and heritage. They sang a song called Ocean of Warriors and Dr William Pierce who was present at the event said that he thought they should record a children’s Cd.

In 2002 the twins started learning musical instruments .Lamb learned the guitar and Lynx learned the violin and by March of 2003 they were performing at public events.

The girls first CD, Fragment of the Future was recorded when they were 11 years old and was released in late 2004. The girls played all the musical instruments and did all the vocals on this CD. Several of the songs are originals the girls wrote themselves and a few are in German.

The past year has been a busy one since the girls have been working on their second CD as well as touring the United States: New Orleans, Louisiana, for the EURO conference; Tampa, Florida for the Summer Solstice; Vancouver, Washington for the Sigdrifa Picnic; Atlanta, Georgia for the Hammerfest and Phoenix, Arizona for the Phoenix Euro fest .

The girls first CD has a folk rock sound and was recorded with Lynx on the violin and Lamb on the acoustic guitar . Their second CD will be more of a rock sound and most of the songs are originals , written by the girls themselves. On the new CD Lamb plays the electric as well as the acoustic guitar . Both girls sing vocals on this CD.