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The Gathering Field Proving Ground Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2005 12:00:00 PM

Here I stand
On the proving ground
Mortal man
Hiding my failures
And I can
Leave here without a sound
But then where would I be?
Broken again, lonely and free
Without a friend

I know I have demons to battle
So I pray for the strength
that I haven't yet found
I'll go where the Diamondbacks rattle
And wait for the day
On the hot proving ground

Lately my faith
Dwindles like kindling in fire
Shimmers and shakes
like a ghost in the wind
Glimmers and waits for the change to begin
Lately my faith

I know….

If I hold on 'till the new sun arrives
If some small part of my true self survives
Then I might run like a child on the sand
Never to carry this burden again
And oh here it comes, the one thing I forgot
The secret I found is the secret I lost
But can I believe in the truth I betrayed
Can I make peace with the choices I made
Help me hold on

I know…