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Chevelle Prove To You Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2008 11:00:00 AM

Promise not to lose
But you give in to circumstance
Not gonna prove to you
Learn of patience worth to you
Many teacher, no student
We go by name, not by rank
Too many sighs incompetent
There's no bond between some men
A concept already known
What little time you try to give
A big cheer for you alone
Relax and try again
Broke off, broke up and spent
He's choking in left field
Can't tell this place is doomed
Now no place like home
Doomed Now
There's no place like home
I'm gonna prove to you

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Prove To You (live) | Reviewer: swog | 3/31/2008

Chevelle has performed, "Prove To You", in live performances both times I saw them in March of 08. Like all of Chevelle's songs, it's emotionally charged lyrics combined with their trademark driving beat provides another winner from Chevelle. If you like Chevelle, it's manditory to attend a live performance. Chevelle gives everything they have until both the band and the audience reaches the point of total exhaustion. So GREAT!