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In 1994, the two remaining members of prominent Los Angeles
thrash band PSYCHOSIS formed the original lineup of
PROTOTYPE. Kragen Lum (guitar) and Vince Levalois (vocals,
guitar), together with a new drummer and bassist, recorded
three of their newest compositions for their highly
acclaimed "Seed" demo. Critics worldwide have praised
"Seed" as one of the top metal recordings available, even
referring to it as a benchmark for today's
aggressive/melodic progressive metal.

After extensive club appearances in support of "Seed," Lum
and More...

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Review about Prototype songs
Rewiev | Reviewer: Gabesz
    ------ About the song The Way It Ends performed by Prototype

Anonymus you are right.. I'm just 16 but I really like Prototype. I first heard that song in Guitar Hero 3 and became a fucking loved song of me. I thought they are low-profile but can't figure out how could it happen. They are playing one of the best stuff of music.. Their melodies, lyrics, to say.. these guys as a band have stolen my heart. I hope they will be better known!

Favorite song now... repeated it for a week | Reviewer: Colin
    ------ About the song The Way It Ends performed by Prototype

Many things are fantastic about this song. The drums, guitar, pace, and most of all the singing. I memorized the lyrics in two days and always sing them when i hear it. I still cant understand what that guy says right before the bridge. Could someone let me know?

this generation... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Way It Ends performed by Prototype

After listening to this song several times and researching the band, it is clear that this band is one of the best low-profile bands of all time. Being comparable to Killswitch engage, or possibly All That Remains, this band is amazingly low profile. These guys deserve to be at the top of the popularity chain, but this generation is too fucking stupid to realize that this is the most sophisticated and complex music, but since everybody would rather listen to lil' wayne or lady gaga, band like prototype, Tool, and other low-profile bands will most likely never receive the proper recognition that they deserve.

THIS SONG ROCKS!! | Reviewer: Metalguy
    ------ About the song The Way It Ends performed by Prototype

This is one of the best Prototype. The solo was kick-ass and the drums are awesome. The singer sounds like he was made to sing this song and all of their songs. Check out their other songs, too.

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