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Propaan / Butaan Biography

Last updated: 09/08/2006

Formed in the UK in 2004 and comprising of six anonymous musicians, Propaan/Butaan began making the music they wanted to make and distributing it for free on the internet. Over 2004 and 2005, they released three EPs of varying quality:

The first release was the (on reflection, terrible) EP With Or Without Jason Newsted, which featured a handful of covers of popular songs that were un-recognizable from the originals. This was followed up a few months later with the Christmas 2004 EP that did very wrong things to the classic Cliff Richard song Absinthe And Wine. The rest of it was shit.

In May 2005 P/B unleashed the almighty Quendo EP upon the world. Those who heard it hailed the EP as a work of genius. Featuring P/B's first straight-up, "serious" song, a cover of the brilliant and little-known Dog Fashion Disco's Vernal Equinox and the then-current highlight of their career, Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat, an underground dance sensation that has been downloaded more than the rest of their catalogue combined, the Quendo EP gave P/B some much-needed exposure, gaining them a cult following among music elitists across the globe.

After 18 months of hard toil in amongst keeping their regular jobs, lives and other bands, P/B have finally finished and released their debut album The Emo Factory. Comprising of 11 tracks, and featuring numerous contributions from Matt Rippetoe - sax player for Dog Fashion Disco, The Alter Boys, Touch Acoustra and a whole lot more - The Emo Factory hops comfortably from genre to genre to genre, often within one song, confusing and exciting those curious enough to listen to it. And since it's free, one of those people should be you.

Propaan/Butaan plan to finish the year by promoting the hell out of the album and sitting back smugly. A music video for the song These Words is already in production, and talks are already underway for a second video. Also in the works is their instrumental project of a second album, a remix & alternate versions album, and an exclusive album for their street team members featuring out-takes and unreleased songs.