Promise Of Redemption Albums

  • When The Flowers Bloom Album (1/22/2008)
    Getting Through
    How Fast
    From The Second I Wake Up...
    Oh The Way
    Remember The First Day
    When The Flowers Bloom
    Live In Love
    Sunsets And Pictures
    A Long Way Home
    Rough Road Leads To The Stars
    Dana Leigh
    It Just Takes Times
    Trace Those Steps

  • Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade Album (8/27/2005)
    Away We Go
    Dead Of Winter
    Heart So Close
    Looking Forward To The Future
    The Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade
    Seems Like Just Yesterday
    Promise Of Redemption
    The Fallbacks Of A Bad Attitude
    Just As Your Lips
    Take Time To Realize
    A Life In Pictures
    Sleep To Dream

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