Project Pat Albums

  • Cheez N Dope Album (1/9/2013)
    Bare Face Robbem
    Counting Money
    Niggas Bleed Like I Bleed
    Burn Me A Nigga
    Interlude 2
    Weed Smoke
    Drank And That Strong
    Still Got That Work
    Interlude 3
    Crash Out Cheez Dope
    Jack One
    Everything Louie
    Interlude 4
    Papers N Cups
    Interlude 5
    Keep It 1 Hunnid
    Kush Ups
    Interlude 6
    Married To The Game
    I Ain’t Seen Shit
    You Kno What It Is

  • Loud Pack Album (7/19/2011)
    Duffle Bag
    I Play Dope Boy
    I Ain't Got Beef
    Guess Who
    I Got A Question
    Gang Signs
    Niggas So Cut Throat
    7 Days A Week
    Kelly Green
    Money On My Mind
    Penitentiary Chances
    Dollar Signs (Remix)
    Roll Over

  • Walkin' Bank Roll Album (10/30/2007)
    On da Porch (Skit)
    Rubberband Me
    Don't Call Me No Mo (featuring Three 6 Mafia)
    Talkin' Smart (featuring Pimp C)
    Hate My Swag
    Motivated (featuring Will Wesson)
    Wagon Wheels
    Hit It (Skit)
    Hit It
    Finna Start Robbin'
    See You Fall
    Good Weed
    See Me
    Bull Frog Yay
    Ready for Whateva
    Bonus Track
    Sleepin with the Enemy (iTunes Bonus)

  • Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story Album (12/5/2006)
    I Ain't Going Back to Jail
    Raised in the Projects
    2 Dollar Niggas
    Tell Tell Tell (Stop Snitchin')
    What Money Do
    I Keep That
    Crack a Head
    You Like
    High off the Ground
    Get Down
    'Cause I'm a Playa
    Good Googly Moogly
    How It Goes in the Gutta
    Nigga Got Popped
    Get That Up off Ya
    Been Gettin' Money

  • Layin Da Smack Down Album (4/5/2002)
  • Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' Album (2/13/2001)
  • Murderers & Robbers Album (7/25/2000)
  • Ghetty Green Album (6/29/1999)

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    I need this cd | Reviewer: Megan
        ------ About the album Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' performed by Project Pat

    I need this cd because I dont have it. I love project pat and I need this cd to make my collection complete. thanks!

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