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Project Hate Mcmxcix Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:39:05 AM

The Project Hate MCMXCIX started up in 1998 after years of talking between long-time friends and bandleaders Kenth Philipson (formerly Leukemia, House of Usher, Lame and the author of legendary early 90´s fanzine Hypnosia Magazine) and Jörgen Sandström (well known for his vocals in deathmetal gods Grave´s first 3 albums, nowadays the bassist of Sweden´s mighty Entombed).

At the winter the same year we recorded the one and only demo we ever did up to now. Together with Dan Swanö and his studio we recorded 3 songs that starred Jörgen´s Entombed-fella LG Petrov on backingvocals. The demo was sent out to 4 labels and we ended up signing to Massacre Records of Germany in 1999.

At the end of the 1999 we recorded the widely acclaimed debut "Cybersonic Superchrist" and got massive response. Due to the incompetence of the label, people had a hard time finding the album in the stores. With this recording, made by Kenth and Dan Swanö, the angelic being of Mia Ståhl was added to the Hate to bring a wider range of variety to the music. "Cybersonic Superchrist" was released worldwide the 14th of February 2000.

Following the great press-response, album number 2 started to take form. In February 2001 we recorded "When we are done, your flesh will be ours". It was digitalized in Nasum-frontman Mieszko Talarczyk´s studio Soundlab and mastered at the Cutting Room in Stockholm, Sweden. It finally saw the naked light of day at August 27th 2001. The response has been great, though again, people have had a hard time finding it.

In 2002 Petter Freed of 2 Ton Predator joined us as guitarist for livesituations first and foremost, but he also brings in great ideas to the band as well as far as music goes. He´s a brilliant guitarist and a very close friend and we welcome him to the band. Late 2002 we fired former vocalissa Mia Ståhl due to lack of commitment and excellent girl Jo Enckell replaced her with flying colours.

We are exploring new ground.

After 2 years of wanting to leave the label due to their unproffessionalism towards the band, we finally got out of the contract in February 2002. Now we are signed to Threeman Recordings, Entombed´s own recordlabel and the future is ours. This millenium belongs to the Hate. Succumb!

We are moving into the next level.
We are the acid in the eyes of Christ.
We´ll continue dominating.
Be so sure.